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12th Annual Variety Show by Active Adult Centre of Mississauga Players image adapted from

Active Adult Centre of Mississauga

12th Annual Variety Show

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Thursday, May 24, 2018 - 2:00 pm
Friday May 25, 2018 - 2:00 pm
Sunday, May 27, 2018 - 2:00 pm

12th Annual Variety Show
presented by
Active Adult Centre of Mississauga Players

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● Act One - 12th Annual Variety Show 27 May 2018

● Act Two - 12 Annual Variety Show 27 May 2018

The Active Adult Centre of Mississauga (AAC Mississauga) is celebrating its new location with a bang-up theatre-in-the-round show. Talented members of AAC Mississauga are working on some wonderful new songs and dances to entertain you.

Cake and coffee will be served at Intermission.

Tickets: $10.00 for members
$12.00 for guests (age 13 and over)
$6.00 for children 12 & under

Tickets may be purchased from the Administration Office.

Location: Active Adult Centre of Mississauga
377 Burnhamthorpe Road East, Mississauga ON L5A 3Y1 Canada
Suite 116 (2nd Floor)
(Located in the Central Parkway Mall)
View Map
Phone: 905-615-3207

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Act One Web Album
Jack and Thelma dance You Raise Me Up at Variety Show 2018
12th Annual Variety Show
May 27, 2018
    Act Two Web Album
Ron Da Roza's Ukulele Class performs at Variety Show 2018
12th Annual Variety Show
May 27, 2018


1. "Antigua' ~ Leonard Nurse

2 - "Please Mama Please" ~ Rusty Mishalkowsky

3 - "Uptown Funk" ~ Merilyn's Dancers

4 - "My Funny Valentine" ~ Lillian Bosy

5 - "Don't Fence Me In" ~ Cam Wooledge (Whistler), Lillian Bosy (Pianist)

6 - "I'll Be Seeing You" ~ Bonnie Cornista

7 - "You Raise Me Up" ~ Jack and Thelma
Jack and Thelma dance to You Raise Me Up at AAC Mississauga.
YouTube video, 4:50 min. Published on May 28, 2018 by sq1oac2.

8 - "Shopping Around" ~ Johnny M

9 - "Perfect" ~ Walter Mishalkowsky 10 - "My Man" ~ Phyllis Styles

11 - "Hot, Hot, Hot!" ~ Kathy's Dancers

12 - "Walking After Midnight" ~ Chris Pollock

13 - "Bad Things" ~ Johnny M

14 - "Spanish Coffee" ~ Lillian Bosy

15 - "Country Girls" ~ Chair-ercize Class


16 - Intermission Music by Ron da Roza, singer/guitarist.


17 - "Jamaica Farewell" ~ Ukulele Class

18 - "Cheater's Waltz" ~ Ukulele Class

19 - "I Will Follow You" ~ Ukulele Class

20 - "Salsa Flamenco" ~ Sue's Dancers

21 - "Granada" ~ Lillian Bosy

22 - "Smiles" ~ Bonnie Cornista

23 - "Go the Distance" ~ Kai Marks

24 - "I Dreamed a Dream" ~ Chris Pollock

25 - "Stealing Love on the Side" ~ Leonard Nurse

26 - "Irish Line Dance" ~ Kathy's Dancers

27 - "Someone Like You" ~ Walter Mishalkowsky

28 - "I Who Have Nothing" ~ Rusty Mishalkowsky

29 - "I'm Alive" ~ Kai Marks

30 - "Moon River" ~ Cam Wooledge

31 - "Phantom of the Opera" ~ Merilyn's Dancers

32 - "You're My World" ~ Phyllis Styles

33 - "Finale" ~ Cast


Merilyn's Dancers: Merilyn Pitt (Choreographer), Jaime Alba, Lourdes Andrewes, Thelma Bauman, Georgiana Hendricks, Anita Heterland, Noreen James, Kathy Lin, Margaret Lok

International Folk Dancers: Kathy Lin (Choreographer), Jaime Alba, Lourdes Andrewes, Thelma Bauman, Marian Lin, Margaret Lok, Frances Matias, Gil Mojica

Sahara Silks: Mary Monardo (Choreographer), Diane Biggs, Tess Cancino, Ljubica Gombar, Trany Phuong, Violeta Tomic, Patricia Tsui, Sunny Wong, Mimi Yap
Beginner Class: Thelma Bauman, Anne Goldspink-Norman, Wanda Izumsky, Patricia Tsui

Flamenco Class: Sue Aguinaldo (Choreographer), Lourdes Andrewes, Thelma Bauman, Tess Cancino, Becky Cruz, Margaret Lok, Trany Phuong, Linda Yugo

Ukulele Class: Ron Da Roza (Instructor), Corlan Blissett, Milly Favret, Sinta Kanginnadhi, Maple Lam, David Lin, Linda McGinnis, Vivian Moore, Manna Vinesh, Connie Wong

Chair-ercize Class: Kai Marks (Instructor), Fazana Arjumand, Ada DeCouta, Renee Jensen, Halina Koziol, Roxanna Nayaik, Arlette Neufeld, Stella Peech, Hillary Sturmey, Marion Winterbum


Artistic Director: Laura Surman

Stage Managers: Debbie Casey

Sound Technician: Steve Surman

Costume Wizard: Winnie Wong


Our thanks to all of our talented members who have the courage to stand up in front of an audience and sing, dance or whistle and to our fabulous instructors: Merilyn Pitt, Kathy Lin, Mary Monardo, Sue Aquinaldo, Ron Da Roza and Kai Marks. Your classes have worked hard under your excellent guidance and your dedication shows.

Keep at it. You are all stars!!