A Research Guide for Students

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1. Write A+ Paper1a. Style Guides
2. Search Engines3. Presentation Tips
4a. Format MLA 6th ed.4b. Format MLA 7th ed.
5a. Quoting MLA 6th ed.5b. Quoting MLA 7th ed.
6. Plagiarism7a. Content Notes
7b. Footnotes Endnotes8a. First Footnotes Endnotes
8b. Sample Footnotes8c. Sample Endnotes
9a. Parenthetical MLA 6th ed.9b. Parenthetical MLA 7th ed.
9c. Sample Parenthetical MLA 6th ed.9d. Sample Parenthetical MLA 7th ed.
10a. Works Cited / Ref MLA 6th ed. 10b. Works Cited / Ref MLA 7th ed.
10c. Sample Works Cited MLA 6th ed.10d. Sample Works Cited MLA 7th ed.
11a. Guidelines Bibliography MLA 6th ed.11b. Guidelines Bibliography MLA 7th ed.
12a. Write Bibliography MLA 6th ed.12b. Write Bibliography MLA 7th ed.
12c. What's New in the Eighth Edition of the MLA Handbook (2016) from Modern Language Association (MLA)12d. A Complete Guide to MLA 8th Edition from EasyBib
12e. MLA 8th Edition Citations Quick Guide from Indian River State College (IRSC) Libraries12f. Creating a Works Cited list using MLA eighth edition from Purdue Online Writing Lab (OWL)
13a. Bible Abbreviations13b. Abbreviations / Acronyms
13c. Month Day Time13d. USA Canada World Flags Cities
13e. Country Codes 1 - Alphabetical Listing by Countries13f. Country Codes 2 - Listing by 2-Letter Codes
13g. National Anthems14. Survive Internet
15a. Virtual Library15b. Subject Headings
15c. Add URL16a. References MLA 7th ed.
16b. References MLA 6th ed.17. About
18. Awards 
19. Biomes20. Renewable Energy
21. Canadian Cities22. Biography Hazel McCallion
23a. "CANADA IS" Song 23b. Roger Whittaker
24. Dr Kujtan Medical Matters 2003-14 Dr. Kujtan 2003 Dr. Kujtan 2004 Dr. Kujtan 2005
Dr. Kujtan 2006 Dr. Kujtan 2007 Dr. Kujtan 2008 Dr. Kujtan 2009 Dr. Kujtan 2010 Dr. Kujtan 2011
Dr. Kujtan 2012 Dr. Kujtan 2013 Dr. Kujtan 2014 25. Global Connections
26. Golden Horseshoe 27. Guidance
28. Measuring Time 29. Obama Victory Speech Nov 2008
30. Obama Inaugural Jan 2009 31. Obama Cairo Egypt June 2009
32. Obama Moscow July 2009 33. Obama Eulogy Kennedy Aug 2009
34. Obama UN Sep 2009 35. Obama Nobel Prize Dec 2009
36. Obama Arizona Jan 2011 37. Obama on bin Laden May 2011
38. Obama on Middle East May 2011 39. Obama Victory Nov 2012
40. Obama Myanmar Nov 2012 41. Obama Second Inaugural Jan 2013
42. Obama State Union Feb 2013 43. Obama Eulogy Mandela Dec 2013
44. Obama State Union Jan 2014 45. Obama Ottawa Speech 29 June 2016
46. Trump Inauguration Speech Jan 2017 47. Special Events for Seniors
48. Seniors Activities Archives 49. British Airwaves
50. Around World 37 Songs 51. 2012 Variety Show
52. 20th Century Musical ● Part 1 53. 20th Century Musical ● Part 2
54. South Seas Cruise Musical 55. 2014 Variety Show
56. At the Majestic 57. 2015 Variety Show
58. Road to Broadway 59. 2016 Variety Show
60. Deck the Halls Musical 61. Growing Up in the 60's
62. 2017 Variety Show 63. Musician William Leathers
64. Kathy Lin Folk Dance 65. Table Tennis Links
66. TT Ratings Rankings Profiles 67. TT Rules Regulations
68. TT Tips Lessons Tutorials 69. TT Clubs Associations
70. TT Tournaments 71. Call of the Wild
72. Crucible 73. Cue for Treason
74. Fahrenheit 451 75. Grapes of Wrath
76. Great Gatsby 77. Huckleberry Finn
78. Jude the Obscure 79. Lord of the Flies
80. A Separate Peace 81. To Kill a Mockingbird
82. Web Design Beginners 83. Webquests
84. Diary of Carl Kaas 85. Autobiography Carl Kaas
86. Carl Kaas Photo Gallery 87. WWW Links
000-005 Computers / Reference006-099 Computers / Reference
100 Philosophy / Psychology200 Religion / Mythology
300-319 Social Sciences320-331 Social Sciences
332-337 Social Sciences338-349 Social Sciences
350-369 Social Sciences370-371 Social Sciences
372-399 Social SciencesChristmas Trees Around World
400 Language  
• Pun and Funny English 1• Pun and Funny English 2
• Are You UP for This?500-539 Science Math
540-599 Science Math600-628 Tech Health Business
629-699 Tech Health Business700-779 Arts Music Sports
Art 4 U780-799 Arts Music Sports
• John Denver• Roger Whittaker
800 Literature900-919 History Geography
920-940 History Geography941-999 History Geography
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