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Older Adult Centre
8th Annual Variety Show

8th Annual Variety Show at Older Adult Centre photo by I Lee 26May14

Thursday, June 5, 2014 - 2:00 pm
Friday, June 6, 2014 - 7:30 pm

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8th Annual Variety Show

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Act One Web Album

8th Annual Variety Show
Act One
at Square One
Older Adult Centre
June 5, 2014
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Act Two Web Album

8th Annual Variety Show
Act Two
at Square One
Older Adult Centre
June 5, 2014

"O Mio Babbino Caro" sung by Phyllis Styles 2014 Variety Show
YouTube video, 2:14 min.

Solo Belly Dance "Veil" by Mary Monardo at 8th Annual Variety Show
YouTube video, 3:27 min.

Cam Wooledge whistles "It's Now or Never" at 8th Annual Variety Show
YouTube video, 3:19 min.

"I Hope You Dance" Creative Dancing by Kai Marks
YouTube video, 3:12 min.

8th Annual Variety Show

Act One

1 - "Just the Way You Are" ~ Lillian Bosy
2 - "A Funny SSSSStory" ~ Jill Berry
3 - "Spice Up Your Life" ~ Merilyn's Dancers
4 - "O Mio Babbino Caro" (Oh My Beloved Papa") ~ Phyllis Styles
5 - "O Sole Mio" or "It's Now or Never" ~ Cam Wooledge
6 - "Don't Forget to Remember Me" ~ Walter Mishalkowsky
7 - "Hips Don't Lie" and "Veil" ~ Sahara Silks, Mary Monardo and Trany Phuong
8 - "Swing Dance" ~ Juliet Tandori and Ray Arriola
9 - "Porto Fino" ~ George D'Cruz
10 - "Speak Softly" ~ Virginia Edejer
11 - "Latin Flamenco Dance Mix" ~ Flamenco Class
12 - "The Spoon Game" ~ Written by Bill Pether with Jag and Walter

Bill Pether's introduction. YouTube video, 3:00 min. Published by Bill Pether, Jan. 6, 2014. In efforts to raise awareness towards bipolar disorder, Bill Pether author of "Bipolar Green People It's Intriguing" would like to introduce himself."

13 - "Beautiful Barbados" ~ Leonard Nurse
14 - "I Hope You Dance" ~ Kai Marks
(Currently, Picasa Web Album is unable to upload "I Hope You Dance" video.
Please watch YouTube video instead).

15 - "Do You Love Me" ~ Rusty Mishalkowsky
16 - "Traditional Folk Dance" ~ Kathy's Dancers
17 - "Sing-a-long" ~ Jill Berry
18 - Intermission Music ~ Ron da Roza and Friends

Act Two

19 - "Rippling Water Jig" ~ Clogging Class
20 - "Clover" ~ Clogging Class
21 - "The Big Tip" and "Rum and Coke" ~ Lillian Bosy
22 - "Spoonful of Sugar" ~ Cam Wooledge
23 - "Unchained Melody" ~ Lillian Bosy
24 - "Hear My Song" ~ Merilyn's Dancers
25 - "One Day at a Time" ~ Leonard Nurse
26 - "Happy" ~ Kai Marks
27 - "What a Wonderful World" ~ Juliet Tandori
28 - "Sineen Rayha" and "Tabla" ~ Sahara Silks
29 - "That's Why They Call It the Bluesl" ~ George D'Cruz
30 - "The Call Girl" ~ Written by Jag Sahai, with Bill and Walter
31 - "Love Story" ~ Virginia Edejer
32 - "Cry to Me" ~ Rusty Mishalkowsky
33 - "Red River Valley" ~ Kathy's Dancers
34 - "Save the Last Dance for Me" ~ Walter Mishalkowsky
35 - "When You Wish Upon a Star" ~ Phyllis Styles


Merilyn's Dancers: Merilyn Pitt (Choreographer), Lourdes Andrewes, Georgiana Hendricks, Anita Heterland,Noreen James, Kathy Lin, Margaret Lok, Gil Mojica, Jennifer Tang, Carole Taylor Irwin, Winnie Wong, Jane Zimmermann

International Folk Dancers: Kathy Lin (Choreographer), Lourdes Andrewes, Georgiana Hendricks, Anita Heterland, Noreen James, Margaret Lok, Cathy Matic, Jennifer Tang, Carole Taylor Irwin, Trany Phuong, Ludovin Vargas, Winnie Wong

Sahara Silks: Mary Monardo (Choreographer), Diane Biggs, Patty Chin, Helene Guilmet, Lavina Law, Trany Phuong, Violeta Tomic, Mimi Yap

Flamenco Class: Sue Aguinaldo (Choreographer), Thelma Bauman, Margaret Lok, Trany Phuong, Jennifer Tang, Jane Zimmermann

Clogging Class: Shirley Brown (Choreographer), Thelma Bauman, Anita Heterland, Marina Kim, Kathy Lin, Margaret Lok, Winnie Wong

Many thanks to our talented dance instructors: Merilyn Pitt, Kathy Lin, Mary Monardo, Sue Aquinaldo and Shirley Brown. Without these talented instructors, we could not put on this show!

Thanks to Debbie for doing our sound, and Thelma for her stage management skills - get me to the stage on time! And to all of our performers, well done!!! You are all stars. Keep following your dreams.

Thursday, June 5, 2014 Performance sponsored by Amica of Erin Mills.

If you have photos from the 8th Annual Variety Show that you would like to add to the Web Album, please email them to Volunteer Webmaster. Must be in high resolution.

Location: Auditorium, Older Adult Centre
100 City Centre Drive, Mississauga ON L5B 2C9 Canada
Phone: 905-615-3207