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370-371 Social Sciences

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301 Anthropology, (Cultural anthropology), (Social anthropology), (Physical anthropology), (Archaeology), (Linguistics), (Ethnology), (Ethnography), (Indigenous peoples)
301.45 Afro-Americans - Segregation - Southern States - History, (Jim Crow Laws), Southern States - History - 1865-1951, Southern States - Race relations, (Race discrimination - United States)
301.55 Mass Media, (Popular Culture), (Flash Mob)
302.2 Signs and symbols, Communication
302.23 Mass media, (Mass communication), (Media), (TV), (Magazines), (Radio), (Newspapers)
302.3 Bullying, Bullying - Prevention, (Cyberbullying), Bullies
303.3 Public opinion polls, Quality of life, Social values, Values, (Best employers)
303.6 Terrorism, Terrorists - Biography, (9/11)
304.6 Population, Birthrate, Mortality, Vital statistics, Human fertility, (Death rate), (Mortuary statistics), (Demography), (Birth rate), (Marriage statistics)
305.23 Children, Children and adults, Child development, (Child rearing), (Child abuse), (Child welfare), (Teenagers), (Teenage pregnancy)
305.26 Aging, Retirement, (Senior citizens), (Seniors), (Aged), Elderly, Gerontology, Old age, (Older adults)
305.4 Women, Women - Identity, (Women - History), (Women - Social Conditions)
305.5 Poverty
305.569 Homeless persons
305.892 Arabs
305.896 Blacks, African Americans, (Afro-Americans), (Blacks - United States), (Black History Month), Blacks - Canada, Blacks - Great Britain
306.81 Marriage
306.85 Family
307.76 City life, Cities and towns, Urban sociology, (Town life), (Urban life)
310 Statistics
314.1 Great Britain - Census, United Kingdom - Census, Great Britain - Statistics, United Kindgom - Statistics, (Scotland - Census), (Northern Ireland - Census)
317.1 Canada - Census, Canada - Statistics
317.3 United States - Census, United States - Statistics
319.4 Australia - Census, Australia - Statistics
320.1 Political science, Political ethics
322.4 Ku Klux Klan, (K.K.K.)
323 Human rights, Civil rights, United States - Civil rights, Blacks - Civil rights, African Americans - Civil rights, (Basic rights)
323.3 Women's rights, Women's movement, Feminism, (Women - Civil rights), (Women - Emancipation), (Women - Equal rights), (Women - Suffrage)
323.44 Freedom of action, Freedom of information, Freedom of religion, Freedom of speech, Freedom of the press, Intellectual freedom, Books - Censorship, (Banned books), (Social justice), (Equality)
323.6 Citizenship, Citizenship - Australia, Citizenship - Canada, Citizenship - United Kingdom, Citizenship - United States, (Passports)
324.271 Political parties - Canada, Conservative Party of Canada, Liberal Party of Canada, New Democratic Party, (Canadian Federal Political Parties)
324.273 Political parties - United States, Democratic Party (U.S.), Republican Party (U.S.), Third Parties (United States politics)
325 Immigrants, Immigration and emigration
326 Underground railroad, Slavery, (Slave trade), Abolitionists, (Abolition of slavery)
327.1 Peace, Peace movement, Arms control, Arms race, (Disarmament)
330.1 Lost and found possessions, (Lost pets), (Lost articles), (Found items)
331 Labor market, (United States - Bureau of Labor Statistics)
331.25 Pensions, Retirement income, Military pensions, Old age pensions, (Social security), (Naval pensions), (War pensions), (Old age insurance), (Compensation), (Survivor's benefits), Disability benefits), (Children's benefits), (Retirement pension)
331.3 Age and employment, Children - Employment, (Child labor)
331.5 Apprentices, (Employees - Training), (Occupational training), (Labor)
331.7 Occupations, (Jobs), (Careers), (Job search), (Employment), (Trades), Vocational guidance
332.024 Personal finance, Estate planning, Saving and thrift, (Financial planning, Personal), (Finance, Personal), (Budgets, Personal), (Registered Retirement Savings Plans - RRSP), (Registered Retirement Income Fund - RRIF), (Retirement income - Planning), (Tax-Free Savings Account - TFSA)
332.1 Banks and banking, Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM)
332.10971 Banks and banking - Canada
332.10973 Banks and banking - United States
332.4 Money, Coinage, Mints, Paper money, Gold, Inflation (Finance), (Currency), (Standard of value), (Legal tender), Exchange, Foreign exchange, (Exchange rates)
332.63 Stocks, (Stock market), (Stock quotes), Bonds, Mutual funds, Securities, (Investments), (Foreign investments)
332.64 Stock exchange, (Securities exchange)
332.7 Credit cards, Debt, Loans, Mortgages, Consumer credit
332.8 Interest (Economics), Interest rates, (Prime rates)
333.33 Real estate business, Houses - Buying and selling, (Home buying), (Home purchase), (Real property), (Realty), (Apartments), (Rentals)
336.2 Taxation, (Income tax), (IRS), (CRA), (CCRA), (Revenue Canada), (Tax returns), (Taxes)
336.3 Public debts, (Government debts), (National debts)
338 Entrepreneurs, Entrepreneurship, (Home-based business), (Small business), Businesspeople, (Business people), (Self-employed), (Freelancers)
338.1 Farm produce - Marketing, (Farmers markets), (Agricultural products), (Farm crops)
338.4 Consumer goods, (Consumer products), (Merchandise)
338.5 Consumer price indexes, (Cost of living indexes)
338.7 Business enterprises, Corporations (Business organizations), (Businesses), (Firms), (Companies)
338.9 Subsidies, Economic policy, (Grants), (Federal aid), (Business and government), (Economic planning)
340 Law, (Jurisprudence), (Laws), (Statutes), (Case law), (Legal forms), Law - Directories
Governments: (See countries, e.g.: 971 Canada, 973 USA)
341.3 Embassies and consulates, Diplomacy, Diplomatic and consular service, International relations
345 Trials (Homicide), Criminal law, Trials (Murder), (Manslaughter), (Crime), (Cold case), (Offenses against the person), (War crime trials), (Courts martial and courts of inquiry), (Poisons and poisoning)
345.052 Wiretapping - Law and legislation
346.0434 Landlord and Tenant
346.05 Estate planning, Inheritance and transfer tax, (Tax planning), (Personal finance)
346.4 Copyright, Fair use (Copyright), (Intellectual property), (Literary property), (International copyright), (Cyberlaw), Trademarks, (Logos), (Company symbols), (Corporate symbols), (Trade marks)
347.053 Class actions
349.71 Law - Canada
349.73 Law - United States
352.230941 Prime ministers - Great Britain
352.230971 Prime ministers - Canada
352.230973 Presidents - United States
353.8 School boards, (Boards of education) - See 371.2 Schools - Administration
355 Military readiness
358.38 Biological warfare, (Bacterial warfare), (Germ warfare)
361.3 Volunteer work, (Volunteers), (Volunteering)
361.6 Social policy, (Government policy), (National planning), (Social planning)
361.7068 Fund raising, (Fundraising)
361.8 Charities, (Charity organization), (Charitable institutions), (Humanitarianism), (Philanthropy), (Endowments)
362.1 Hospitals, Hospitals - United States
362.2 Mentally ill, (Insane), (Insanity), (Sanity), (Mentally deranged)
362.204251 Emergency and rescue operations, (Acts of Kindness), (Real life heroes), (Rescue)
362.29 Alcoholism, Drug abuse, Substance abuse, (Addiction to alcohol), (Drug addiction), (Marijuana), (Cannabis)
362.4 Handicapped, (Disabled), Deaf, Deafness, Hearing impaired, Physically handicapped, Blind, Blindness, People with visual disabilities
362.7 Child support, Child abuse, Child welfare, Abandoned children, (Deadbeat dads), (Deadbeat moms), (Deadbeat parents)
362.8297 Missing children
363.1 Accidents - Prevention, Safety education, (Safety measures), (Water safety)
363.12 Aircraft accidents, (Aeronautics - Accidents), (Air crashes), (Airplane accidents), (Aviation accidents), (Plane crashes)
363.1251 Drunk driving, (Driving while intoxicated), (Driving under the influence of alcohol)
363.17 Poisons and poisoning, Hazardous substances, (Toxic substances)
363.2 Police, Law enforcement
363.25 Fingerprints, Fingerprints - Identification, Criminal investigation, Criminals - Identification, Forensic sciences
363.28 Secret Service
363.33 Gun control, (Firearms - Law and legislation), (Right to bear arms)
363.34 Disaster relief, (Disaster preparedness), (Emergency preparedness)
363.7 Environment, Environmental protection, Noise pollution, (Pollution - Prevention), (Pollution control), (Conservation movement), (Green movement), (Ecological movement)
363.72 Hazardous wastes, (Toxic wastes)
363.738 Acid rain
363.739 Pollution, Air pollution - Measurement, (Atmosphere - Pollution), Water pollution, (Soil pollution)
364 Crime
364.1 Computer crimes, Impostors and imposture, (Hoaxes), (Charlatans), (Pretenders), (Chain letters)
364.16 Fraud, False personation, Credit card crimes, Swindlers and swindling, (Identity theft), (Con artists), (Con game)
364.6 Capital punishment
366 Secret societies
368 Insurance
370 Education
370.19 Foreign study, Foreign students, (College students), (Overseas study), (Study abroad)
371 Schools (K-12), (K12), (Education), (Homework)
371.04 Home schooling, (Home-based education), (Home education), (Home instruction), (Home teaching by parents), (Homeschooling)
371.102 Teaching, (Art of teaching), (Methods of teaching)
371.12 (Teacher qualifications), (Professional qualifications of teachers), (Certification of teachers)
371.2 Schools - Administration, (School management and organization), (Acceptable use policy - AUP)
371.26 Educational tests and measurements, Examinations, Intelligence tests, Psychological tests, Ability - Testing, (Tests), (Achievement tests), (Objective tests), (Educational measurements), (Intelligence testing), (Mental tests), (IQ tests), (I.Q. tests)
371.3 Teaching - Aids and devices, Teaching machines, Programmed instruction, Computer assisted instruction, (Instructional materials), (Teaching materials), (Lesson plans)
See also WebQuests - Web-based lesson plans (Internet activities for educational purposes)
371.3028 Homework, Study skills, (Art of learning), (Method of study), (Study strategies)
371.39 Tutors and tutoring, (Tutorial), (Tutorials), (Learning), (Education at home), (Home instruction), (Courses of study)
371.42 Vocational guidance, (Vocational education), (Career education)
371.7 Safety education, School violence, (Student violence), (School vandalism), (Violence in schools), (Accidents - Prevention)
372 Elementary schools
372.1 Babysitting
373 High schools
374 Discussion groups, Voice chat
377.2 Character, Moral education, (Character education)
378 Colleges and universities
378.13 Alumni and alumnae - Directories
378.3 Scholarships, Student aid, Student loan funds, (Bursaries), (Fellowships), (Scholarship funds), (Student financial assistance)
379.158 School standards and accreditation, (Educational standards)
380 Commerce, communications, transportation
380.1 Markets, and 381 Telemarketing (See 658.8 Auctions, Direct selling, Telemarketing, Online bookstores)
380.106 Chamber of commerce, (Boards of trade)
381.13 Franchises (Retail trade)
382 International economic relations, International trade, (International organization), (Internatioal cooperation), (World economics), (Economic planning), (Social policy)
383 Postal service, Postal code, Zip code, Postage stamps, (Mail service), (Post office), Postcards
384 Electronic mail systems (E-mail or email addresses), Telephone (Telephone directories), Video telephone, Chat dictionaries, Data transmission systems, Telecommunication, (Wireless)
384.54 Radio stations, Radio broadcasting, Radio programs, Amateur radio stations, (Ham radio stations), (High-frequency radio), (Citizens band radio)
384.55 Television, Television broadcasting, Public television, Television and youth, Television and children, (Educational television)
387.155 Lighthouses
387.5 Merchant marine, (Sailors), (Seamen)
387.7 Airlines
388.4 City traffic, Traffic engineering, Local transit, (Street traffic), (Urban traffic), (Highway transportation)
391 Costume, Fashion, Clothing and dress
391.413 Shoes, (Footwear), (Boots)
391.6 Perfumes, Tattooing
392.1 Female circumcision
392.5 Weddings, Marriage customs and rites, (Bridal customs), (Honeymoon)
394.2 Birthdays
394.25 Carnival
394.26 Holidays, Festivals, (Christian holidays), (Religious holidays), (Chinese New Year), (Valentine's Day), (Easter), (Halloween), (Veterans' Day), (Thanksgiving Day)
394.268 Christmas, Christmas customs, Christmas cards, Christmas cookies, Christmas decorations, (Santa Claus), (St. Nicholas), (St. Nick), (Xmas)
395 Etiquette
398 Folklore, (Folk lore), (Folk tales), (Traditions)
398.2 Fables, Fairy tales, Legends, Urban legends (Hoaxes)
398.22 Arthurian romances, Grail, (King Arthur), (Holy Grail), (Arthur, King - Romances), (Knights of the Round Table)
398.24 Mythical animals, Animals - Folklore, Dragons, (Monsters)
398.8 Nursery rhymes

370 Education

Academic Info. Your Gateway to Quality Educational Resources. Browse by Subjects or Search by Keywords.

Canada Education Savings Grant (CESG) or CES Grant of 20% up to a maximum of $500 per year per child, to a total maximum grant amount of $7,200. Every qualified child up to and including age 17 is eligible to receive the grant. Registered Education Savings Plan (RESP). FAQ - What is a Registered Education Savings Plan?
NOTE: Be careful from which bank or financial institution you're buying RESP for your children. Currently (as of 2011), in mutual fund accounts, BMO charges RESP administration fee of $5.65 twice a year in June and December, total: $11.30 per year. In 17 years, you would have paid to BMO $192.10 per RESP account. If you have 4 kids and 4 RESP accounts, until accounts are closed after redemption (18, 19, 20 years), you would have paid between $768.40 and $904.00 in RESP admin fees to BMO. Fees are not deductible. Some financial institutions do not charge RESP admin fees.
DIY investors: Watch out for fees that bite.
RESP Checklist from Ontario Securities Commission (OSC).

370.19 Foreign study, Foreign students, (College students), (Overseas study), (Study abroad)

IIE Passport. Institute of International Education - Living and Learning Abroad. Search listings of over 4000 programs that can take American students, graduates, teachers and other professionals all over the world. Apply for U.S. Passport online.

371 Schools (K-12), (K12), (Education), (Homework)

The Classroom: Tomorrow's Education Today. Topics include: Homework Helpers, Government Agencies, Research Center, Information Sites, Biographies, Experts, Library, Study Skills Development, and Dragon Fun Room.

Discovery Education School Resources. Special sections created just for students, parents, and teachers. Puzzle Maker, Lesson Plan Library, Kathy Schrock's Guide for Educators, Clip Art Gallery. Hundreds of original lesson plans written by teachers for teachers. Select from Grades K-5, 6-8, or 9-12. Various subjects.

Education Corner® Online Education, Degrees, Colleges & Universities. Guide to online degrees, degree programs, accredited online colleges and universities, distance learning, k12 education, and teaching resources.

FREE - Federal Resources for Educational Excellence. On April 18, 1997, President Clinton asked Federal agencies to determine what "resources you can make available that would enrich the Internet as a tool for teaching and learning." In response, more than 30 Federal agencies formed a working group to make hundreds of federally supported education resources available at this web site.

The Gateway to Educational Materials (GEM) is a Consortium effort to provide educators with quick and easy access to thousands of high quality educational resources found on various federal, state, university, non-profit, and commercial Internet sites.

Guide to Science Resources for Kindergarten through 12th Graders from Tulane University. Contents include:
● Resources for PreSchool Students
● Resources for Elementary through Middle School students
● Science Games
● Resources for High School Students
● Resources that All Students Can Use
● Resources for Chemistry
● Resources for Biology
● Resources for Physics
● Resources for Parents
● Dive into the World of Science

Halton District School Board - Internet tools for Elementary School students. Online Resources.
Homework Help, Guidelines and Tools.
Be Internet Awesome: Digital Safety Resources Tools for the classroom and home.

Homework Help: Grades 7-10 from Ontario Ministry of Education. Homework Help is run by TVO's Independent Learning Centre with support from the Ontario government. Math Homework Help from Discovery Education.
Science Homework Help.
English Homework Help.
Social Studies Homework Help.

Homework Help - 1America.com. Lots of links to great resources. All the help you need in reference tools, writing tools, science, math, English and literature, history and geography. Don't mind spelling mistakes of "Brittanica" and "Shakespear", they still take you to Britannica and Shakespeare Helper.

Homework Spot. Resources organized into grade-appropriate categories for elementary, middle and high school.

Internet 4 Classrooms. Pre-K - 12th Grade Resources for Teachers, Students, Parents, Children. Find links for teacher resources, lesson plans.

Kathy Schrock's Guide for Educators - Critical Evaluation Information. Links to critical evaluation of Internet Web Sites.

Learning Centre (Library and Archives Canada - LAC) for Students. A collection strong in history, literature and music, including websites, educational tools, and digitized primary sources from LAC holdings. LAC for Teachers.

Lelia's Links for Teachers and Students. The Purple 'Puter Lady's collection of useful and practical Web links arranged in alphabetical order by topic.

MidLink Magazine Web Honor Roll. Honor Roll of Best Web Sites. Categories include: English, Math, Science, Social Studies, ESL (English as a Second Language), Educator's Hot List, Web Builders, Just for Fun, and Submit Your Site. All Sites Selected and Evaluated by Teachers. A project from North Carolina State University (NCSU).

Quiz Hub. Interactive Learning Quizzes Focused on Essential K-12 Facts.

School Matters. A Service of Standard and Poor's - A public source for information and analysis about public schools in the United States. Select a State to view Public Education Facts, Statistics on How Students Performed on State & and more.

371.04 Home schooling, (Home-based education), (Home education), (Home instruction), (Home teaching by parents), (Homeschooling)

A to Z Home's Cool Homeschooling. Ann Zeise guides you to the best, most interesting and useful sites and articles about homeschooling on the Web.

Ambleside Online - AmblesideOnline - Year 1 - AmblesideOnline: Complete Course of Study for Year 12. Books and Schedules for Years: 1-12. Check Ambleside Online License Agreement before using any of the materials. The Ambleside Online curriculum is provided free for the private use of homeschoolers worldwide.

Charlotte Mason from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

What Is the Charlotte Mason Method? The Charlotte Mason method is based on Charlotte's firm belief that the child is a person and we must educate that whole person, not just his mind. So a Charlotte Mason education is three-pronged: in her words, "Education is an Atmosphere, a Discipline, a Life."

Homeschooling from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Homeschooling: FREE Online Educational Resources by Heather Sanders, December 7, 2012.

371.102 Teaching, (Art of teaching), (Method of teaching)

21 Myths That Undermine Educational Effectiveness by Saga Briggs, InformED.

Microsoft: Programming Tutorials, HTML and CSS Tutorial, C Programming Tutorial, How To Draw Pokemons, Drawing Anime Characters.

Teacher Information Network. Contents: Organizations, Educational Resources, Teacher Sites, Schools on the Internet, United States Department of Education, and more ...

Teachers.Net. Resources for teachers.

When Not to Use Technology: 15 Things That Should Stay Simple in Education by Saga Briggs, InformED.

371.12 (Teacher qualifications), (Professional qualifications of teachers), (Certification of teachers)

50 States' Certification Requirements. The College of Education at the University of Kentucky has collected the teacher certification requirements for the 50 States in an effort to facilitate the movement of teachers in the U.S.

National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE) is a coalition of 34 Member Organizations of teachers, teacher educators, content specialists, and local and state policy makers.

National Teachers Hall of Fame (NTHF), located in Emporia, Kansas, was founded in 1989 by Emporia State University and others, as a tribute to exceptional teachers through a museum.

The Ontario College of Teachers sets and regulates teaching qualifications and standards of conduct for teachers in Ontario, Canada. The Standards of Practice for the Teaching Profession & The Ethical Standards for the Teaching Profession. How to Become a Teacher in Ontario. Find a Teacher in Ontario. Search all Ontario teachers past and present - including Principals, Vice-Principals, Superintendents, Directors of Education. View the teacher's Status and Credentials: Degrees Obtained, Program of Teacher Education Completed, Basic Qualifications, Additional Qualifications, Status History: Certificate Type.

Ontario Teachers' Pension Plan (OTPP). Learn More About Ontario Teachers.

The Qualifications Evaluation Council of Ontario (QECO). Established in 1969, QECO provides an organized, uniform basis on which to evaluate teacher qualifications for salary purposes.

Rate My Teachers.com. Students and parents may rate and comment ONLY on teachers, administrators (principals, vice principals), counselors or other school professionals who affect a student's education in Canada, United States, United Kingdom, Ireland or Australia. Please read Rating Rules before using RateMyTeachers.com.

371.2 Schools - Administration, (School management and organization), (Acceptable use policy - AUP)

Education in Canada from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Lists of school districts in the United States from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

SchoolMatters - A Service of Standard and Poor's. Search for a School or District in the United States. Find State Information on Schools and Districts: Browse performance, spending per student, demographic information, education facts for any state. National Information also available.

United States School Districts Lists of school districts in the United States from Wikipedia.

371.26 Educational tests and measurements, Examinations, Intelligence tests, Psychological tests, Ability - Testing, (Tests), (Achievement tests), (Objective tests), (Educational measurements), (Intelligence testing), (Mental tests), (IQ tests), (I.Q. tests)

ACT, SAT, GRE, Vocab from number2.com. Free SAT (Scholastic Assessment Test) prep, free ACT (American College Test) prep, free GRE (Graduate Record Examination) prep, and free Vocab builder. For clarification of the acronyms SAT and ACT.

The Ultimate ACT Prep Resources Guide - Ultimate Guide to Finding the Best ACT Help from University Headquarters.

The Ultimate SAT Prep Resources Guide - Ultimate Guide to Finding the Best SAT Help from University Headquarters.

GRE Prep Guide from Discover Data Science (DDS), by Expert Contributor: Rachael Tanner, MSW, M.Div, PhD student, Ohio University. What is the GRE? Every year over 200,000 students take the Graduate Examination (GRE) in order to pursue higher education. There are approximately 1,000 authorized GRE centers spread out over 160 countries. If you are interested in applying to a graduate program or business school, the GRE is most likely part of your future.

● Format of GRE Test: The test is administered via computer, and it will take approximately 3 hours and 45 minutes with breaks in between to complete. The GRE consists of three scored sections: Verbal Reasoning, Quantitative and an Analytical Writing section. Each section includes Expert Tips.

● The GRE Prep Guide also includes external Helpful Resources such as My GRE Tutor, Excel on the GRE from Princeton Review, and others.

Best Free TOEFL Resources by Lucas Fink, 24 Feb 2017, from Magoosh.
TOEFL iBT® Test Questions.
Free TOEFL® Practice Test. TestDEN's online TOEFL Practice exam takes 30 minutes and contains reading, listening, speaking and writing questions.
TOEFL Practice Test (Practice Test A) from 4Tests.
TOEFL Exam (Practice Test B) from 4Tests.

The Classic IQ Test from TestQ.

Classical IQ Test from Queendom, the land of tests.

collegeboard.com. Official site of the SAT - Scholastic Assessment Test. Provides information on SAT Registration & Scores, SAT Prep, Apply to 500 U.S. colleges and universities online.

Color QuizColorQuiz is a free five minute personality test based on decades of research by color psychologists around the world.

Fabmarks. You can access free resources and take up simulated tests on SAT, ACT, and PSAT prep for FREE. Free resources also contain practice questions, simulated full-length tests, and test analytics. Materials are designed by experts to help test takers to improve their scores.

The FAST Enneagram Test. Want to know your enneagram type? Learn your Enneagram Type in less than 5 minutes! The enneagram is a profound and powerful guide to understanding your personality and inner workings. The 36 questions in this free Enneagram test are a sampler of the scientifically validated 144-question personality test. Discover your personality type.

Flash Fabrica from Japan. Test your memory and find out how old is your brain. Click "START"; Wait for countdown 3, 2, 1; Memorize positions of numbers; Click circles from SMALLEST to BIGGEST number. Computer will tell you the age of your brain.

Free Study Guide for the SAT from ProProfs.

High SAT Scores: Need-to-Know Tips and Strategies by Ben, Petersons.com, Dec 20, 2017.

Highschooldiploma.co has created a free study guide for students to prep prior to taking the online high school program. This study guide is interactive and has a sample problem with outcome for every question covered in the course. Students can enroll for free and take the entire exam at no cost; either for test prep for the GED or to further their high school education online.

IQ Test Labs. IQ test with 25 free pages of analysis, statistics, advice, and career tips. The Original IQ Test, and other tests.

IQ Personality Tests. Great site offering both fun and serious online tests: Personality Tests, IQ Tests, Love Tests, Health Tests, Career Tests, Other Free Tests, as well as a Random Test (e.g. Geek and Nerd Purity Test, Priority Management Test, Bible Quizzes, Are You Sigmund Freud? and others).

Keirsey Jung Personality Test. This free personality test combines two systems for evaluating personality type: David Keirsey's Temperaments and Jungian Cognitive Functions. It is based on research originally conducted by Carl Jung in early 1900s ... You'll be presented with a series of questions for which you will need to provide the answer that is Most Like You and the answer that is Least Like You. There are no wrong answers. The test is designed to measure your preferences. After completing the test, you will receive a report outlining: Your temperament, Your four-letter type, Order in which you prefer using your cognitive functions, and Link to a detailed description and videos that provide further information about your personality type.

MCAT Practice Test. Try a FREE Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) practice test by Gold Standard. You must first sign up for a Gold Standard MCAT Prep user account in order to get one abbreviated free MCAT practice test (approximately 1/3 of a full-length MCAT) consisting of 78 questions, complete with answers, detailed explanations, raw scores and estimated scaled scores. A free user account with Gold Standard MCAT Prep also comes with one-hour free access to the online MCAT science video library. Info as of Nov. 2016.

Gold Standard MCAT Prep Platinum Package with 20 full-length practice tests
Gold Standard MCAT Prep Platinum Package with 20 full-length practice tests: AAMC, EK, GS and Kaplan MCAT Complete 7-Book Subject Review

7 Full-length MCAT Practice Tests: 5 in the Book and 2 Online
7 Full-length MCAT Practice Tests: 5 in the Book and 2 Online: 1610 MCAT Practice Questions based on the AAMC Format

Mensa Workout free test from Mensa International. You have half an hour to answer 30 questions, although the actual time taken is not factored into the scoring. This quiz is provided by Mensa for entertainment purposes only; it is not an IQ test. Whatever high score you get on this test will not qualify you for Mensa.

The New SAT from NPR (National Public Radio®). Free SAT Practice Tests.

Personality test from 123test.com. Updated January 25, 2019. Take this free personality test and find out more about who you are and your strengths.

PinkMonkey.com SAT Study Guide. Contents: PART I - Things you need to know about SAT I, Format, Sample Answer Sheets, Result Analysis. PART II - Verbal Section, Sentence Completion, Analogy, Reading Comprehension, Tips. PART III - Mathematical Reasoning. PART IV - Practice Tests.

Quiz Hub. Collection of interactive learning quizzes for K-12. Free sample quizzes for everyone, plus 2-week free trial for school administrators and teachers.

Test Prep Review. Free Practice Tests for students including ACT, GED, GRE, GMAT, LSAT, MCAT, OAT, PCAT, SAT, and many others.

Test Preparation Center. (Numerous pop-up ads). About GRE, GMAT, SAT, LSAT, and MCAT.

TOEFL - Test of English as a Foreign Language provides information on how, when, where, and cost involved to take the TOEFL.

Top 50 Strategies for ACT Test Day by lillianwei, Chegg. 50 essential strategies that can definitely help you earn more points on the American College Testing (ACT): Before the Test, On Test Day, General Test-Taking Strategies, English Test-Taking Strategies, Math Test-Taking Strategies, Reading Test-Taking Strategies, Science Test-Taking Strategies, Writing Test-Taking Strategies.
25 Best Websites for Teachers by Hannah Trierweiler Hudson, Scholastic.
50+ Best Websites for Teachers from Teach 4 the Heart, Support and Community for Christian Teachers.
Top 50 Teacher Websites for Seriously Dedicated Educators from Teachers of Tomorrow.
21 helpful apps for teachers and educatora from Digital Trends.
The 5 Best Free Web Search Tools For Teachers by Christopher Pappas, eLearning Industry, Nov. 30, 2013.

ACT Exam from 4Tests.

Varsity Tutors: Free Practice Tests. Test your knowledge, improve your scores. Detailed results and performance statistics provided. Subjects include English, Math, Science, Spanish, etc.

371.3 Teaching - Aids and devices, Teaching machines, Programmed instruction, Computer assisted instruction, (Instructional materials), (Teaching materials), (Lesson plans)

Click here for Webquests.

Best Websites for Teaching & Learning from American Association of School Librarians (AASL).

Busy Teacher. Find That Perfect Worksheet. Browse database of over 17,000 free printable worksheets and lesson plans for teaching English. No matter if you teach kids or adults, beginners or advanced students - BusyTeacher will save you hours in preparation time. No registration required. Materials suitable for ESL/EFL teachers as well, including worksheets, detailed lesson plans and in-depth articles.

Center for Science Education (CSE) - Resources for Educators. Include: Resources In Print and On Video, Web-Based Resources, Curriculum Programs, Early Childhood Resources, Elementary Resources, Middle-Grades Resources, and High School Resources.

Desk Top Publishing Lesson Plans. Well designed lesson plans adaptable to any grade or age level.

edHelper.com. Great resources for K-12 teachers. EdHelperNet lists the Top Education Sites, offers 10960 Lesson Plans, 1223 WebQuests, 5000 Free Worksheet Generators, 1600 Word and Critical Thinking Problems, Exams and Puzzles for Standardized Tests.

EdSelect.com. Useful links for teachers and teacher-librarians. Focus of site selection is the Ontario, Canada curricula.

The Guide to Pinterest for Educators from USC Rossier School of Education. This handbook has been designed by Leah Anne Levy, a noted author and education expert, with today's digitally literate educators in mind. It includes multiple articles on how to use Pinterest to collaborate with other educators, connect with students, curate content and more.

Lesson Plan by Subject. Lesson Plans Collection for K-12 Teachers from teAchnology: The Art and Science of Teaching with Technology. Scroll down the page to view subject categories.

Lesson Planet - Educational Resources by Subject. Search 350,000+ Teacher Reviewed Online Lesson Plans and Worksheets. Browse lesson plans by subject: Math, Physical Education, Science, Social Studies, Special Education, Visual and Performing Arts.

Lesson Plans Library from Discovery Education. Hundreds of original lesson plans, all written by teachers for teachers. Searchable by categories: Grades K-5, 6-8, and 9-12. Wide variety of subjects covered.

LessonPlanZ.com. Collection of over 3500 links to individual lesson plans and teaching resources.

Math Goodies. Math lesson plans for Grades 9-12. Topics include: Statistics, Pre-Algebra, Probability, Integers, Understanding Percent, Number Theory, Circumference & Area of Circles, Perimeter & Area of Polygons.

Scholastic Teacher Resource Center. Lesson Plans and Activities for PreK-8.

Sites for Teachers. Sharp Links: Thousands of links to web sites and resources (including K-12 lesson plans) for teachers.

Teachit.co.uk. Library of free English teaching resources. Over 2000 pages of classroom materials for Primary, Secondary and English, Drama and Media Studies teachers.

teachervision.com. Lesson Planning Center Contents: Lesson Plans, Printables, Themes, Assessment, Research Center, plus Online Student Activities.

Teachers.Net Lesson Plans. You can Submit, Search, Browse, and Request Lesson Plans. Categories include: Pre-school, Elementary, Middle, Senior, Advanced, Arts & Crafts, Science, History, Social Studies, Geography, Mathematics, Reading & Writing, Literature, Music, Computers, Language, Physical Education, Health and Games.

TeAch-nology: The Web Portal for Educators! Search TeAch-nology's 150,000+ Reviewed Sites. Categories include: Teaching Themes, "Ideas That Worked", Lesson Plans Center, Teacher Resources, Free Work Sheets, TeAch-nology Tutorials, and much more.

Yale-New Haven Teachers Institute. Curriculum Units by Fellows of the Yale-New Haven Teachers Institute 1978-2017. High quality lesson plans complete with details for teachers to execute carefully planned units. Wide range of topics.

371.3028 Homework, Study skills, (Art of learning), (Method of study), (Study strategies)

5 Ways ScanMarker Can Teach You How to Study Effectively. 1. State of the art technology. 2. The need for speed. 3. Empowering you with choice. 4. Top translation. 5. Text to speech.

Effective Study from University of New Brunswick, CA.

General Resources for Study Skills from Dean of Students Office, Iowa State University.

Highschooldiploma.co has created a free study guide for students to prep prior to taking the online high school program. This study guide is interactive and has a sample problem with outcome for every question covered in the course. Students can enroll for free and take the entire exam at no cost; either for test prep for the GED or to further their high school education online.

How-To-Study.com - A Study Skills Resource Site. Study skills, study strategies, and study tips.

How to Study Effectively: 12 Secrets for Success from Oxford Learning.

How to Study More Effectively - Top Methods for College from Discover Business.

How to Study More Effectively (with Sample Study Guides) from wikiHow.

Improve Your Study Skills from University of British Columbia, Vancouver Campus, Student Services, Academic Success. Learning self-assessment, Find study spaces, Preparing for exams, Time management, Peer coaching.

Learning Skills Handouts & Advice. Skill Building Handouts include Key Academic Skills, Time Management Strategies, Memory & Thinking Skills, Exams - Preparing, Writing, and Beyond, and Advice from Peers, from Learning Skills Services, Student Development Centre (SDC), University of Western Ontario(UWO), London, Canada.

Strategies for Success. From Middle Tennessee State University. Ten Tips You Need to Survive College.

Study Guides and Strategies from University of St. Thomas. Topics covered: Preparing to learn, Studying, Classroom participation, Reading skills, Preparing for tests, Taking tests, Writing skills, and more.

Study Skills for Students. Study tips, strategies and lessons for students from Education Corner.com. Links to Study Skills Guides include: Study Skills Checklist, Discover Your Learning Style, 10 Habits of Highly Successful Students, Improving Reading Comprehension, The Cornell System for Taking Notes, and others.

Study Skills Guides for College Students from College Atlas. Contents include: General Study Skills Guides, Reading and Writing, Test Taking and Preparation, Time Management, Memory Techniques, and Subject Specific Study Skills.

Study Skills Self-help Information from University of Pennsylvania. Online Study Skills Workshops:
● Time Management Strategies for Improving Academic Performance
● Seven Strategies for Improving Test Performance
● Increasing Textbook Reading Comprehension by Using SQ3R
● Strategies for Improving Concentration and Memory
● Study Skills Inventory

Top Ten Tips for Success at University from University of Western Ontario (UWO), London ON.

Ten Traps of Studying from Campus Health Services, University of North Carolina, at Chapel Hill.

Top Ten Study Skills from Lynchburg College, VA.

371.39 Tutors and tutoring, Independent study, (Tutorial), (Tutorials), (Learning), (Education at home), (Home instruction), (Courses of study)

Beginners' Latin. Tutorials from National Archives. Lessons cover the type of Latin used in official documents written in England between 1086 and 1733. This can be quite different from classical Latin, as used by Ancient Romans. Lesson 1 is the most simple; lesson 12 is the most difficult.

Excel Easy. Tutorial on how to use Microsoft Excel. You can use Excel to enter all sorts of data and perform financial, mathematical or statistical calculations.

Free Computer Tutorials from Home and Learn, a free computer courses and tutorials site. All courses are aimed at complete beginners. Simply click the computer course that interests you. You'll then be taken to the contents page for that course. No need to sign up for anything!

Penguin Programmer Beginner's Tutorial. In this tutorial, the basics of the older C++03 standard released in 2003 will be covered, as well as mixing in the modern components introduced in the much newer C++11. Very minimal knowledge of programming will be assumed.

W3Schools.com: The best things in life are free. Available inside W3Schools are numerous free Web building tutorials, from basic HTML and XHTML tutorials, to advanced XML, XSL and WAP tutorials. Tutorials include hundreds of Try-It-Yourself cut-and-paste examples as well as Quiz Tests.

371.42 Vocational guidance, (Vocational education), (Career education)