Seniors Activities at a Glance

Square One Seniors Wellness Services
July - September 2014

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Square One Seniors Wellness Services
Square One Seniors Wellness Services Volunteer Board of Directors
Square One Seniors Wellness Services Staff
Message from Square One Seniors Wellness Services
Health Related Free Programs
Free Information and Support
Empowering Adults 50+
Telephone Reassurance Program

Square One Seniors Wellness Services (SOSWS)

Square One Seniors Wellness Services Logo from

100 City Centre Drive, P.O. Box 2214, Mississauga, ON L5B 2C9
905-615-3207 - FAX 905-615-3455 -

Square One Seniors Wellness Services (SOSWS) has been registered as a charity because it benefits the community by relieving conditions associated with aging by operating specialized programs in health and recreation and by offering referrals to services such as clinics, counselling, support groups and workshops on physical and mental health topics.

Charitable Registration Number: 81959 5893 RR0001


A Charitable organization serving the community of Mississauga. We provide quality health and wellness services in partnership with Older Adult Centre.


Achieving optimum health and wellness for seniors.


Values: Square One Seniors Wellness Services (SOSWS) believes that the following core values are essential components of a successful organization:

1. We believe that people from all backgrounds can gather, share, and learn from one another.

2. We provide services that are: community focused, accessible, informative and educational, of the highest quality, and compassionate.

3. We believe that the people we serve are entitled to: respect and dignity, informed choice and opportunity.

4. We believe that our organization must: reflect our community and maintain stewardship of our resources.

Charitable Registration Number: 81959 5893 RR0001

Square One Seniors Wellness Services (SOSWS) issues tax receipts for donations of $25 and over.

A variety of programs are funded in part by the Government of Canada's New Horizons for Seniors Program.

Square One Seniors Wellness Services
2013 / 2014 Volunteer Board of Directors

Esther Williams - President
Alice Dods - Vice President
Robert Lomon - Treasurer
Manuel Castellino - Director
Po Ping Ngai - Director

Square One Seniors Wellness Services

Lauie Docimo - Resource Development Manager
* Karmela Buzdon - Volunteer Coordinator
*Anne Goldspink-Norman - Administration and Facility Coordinator
*Lina Zita - Marketing and Community Development Coordinator

* denotes Staff providing support to SOSWS

Message from Square One Seniors Wellness Services (SOSWS)

Mother Nature is here to wrap her arms around you with warmth! The severe weather has alerted us to the importance of preparing for unexpected emergencies, like having a telephone that works when the power is out.

At SOSWS, we are here to wrap our arms around you with health and wellness programs and services. Take control of your physical and mental health and prevent potential difficulties and complications. For instance, do you need dental care but don't have coverage? Now is a good time to check out what we have to offer.

Come join us for our Annual General Meeting on June 26, 2014. Find out what we have accomplished in the previous fiscal year. Look ahead to October 17, 2014 and mark your calendar for our Annual Walk-a-Thon. We will walk in the mall!

SOSWS is here for you. All the best to you in health and wellness,

~ Esther Williams, President
~ Laurie Docimo, Resource Development Manager

Health Related Free Programs:

See Programs for Dates, Time and Location:

1. Blood Pressure Clinic
2. Circle of Friends
3. Diabetic Consultation Session *
6. Hair Cuts *
8. Hearing Clinic *
10. Pharmacist Advice
11. Sensible Living Series * Denotes a pre-registered program.

Older Adult Centre Logo        

Older Adult Centre
Family Services of Peel

        Family Services of Peel Logo


Free Information and Support for Adults 50+

Ongoing from 1:15 - 4:15 p.m.
Free Counselling * Confidential * Private

Please call Lina Zita at 905-615-3207 to book
your FREE individual appointment with a social worker
or for more information.

Empowering Adults 50+
Free Drop-In Group Session: 2:00 - 4:00 p.m.
at Older Adult Centre (Lion's Den)

First and Third Mondays (cancelled on Holidays)

Circle of Friends

Learn ways to:
increase your sense of physical and emotional safety,
increase your self-esteem,
share your own concerns
and meet new people.

Refreshments included.

Contact Us Telephone Google image from

Telephone Reassurance Program

This FREE program gives peace of mind to seniors 50+ who live alone. The program provides a daily check-in and friendly phone call by volunteers to older adults who live alone and are in need of someone to touch base with them to ensure their well-being on a regularly scheduled basis. Please CLICK HERE for the Client Application Form, or pick one up at the Administration Office, or call 905-615-3207 ext. 107, or email for more information.

The Goals of the Program:
● Provide social support and interaction;
● Relieve isolation;
● Provide a confidential telephone security check for frail and vulnerable individuals;
● Client's wellbeing is monitored through telephone calls.

● Age: Seniors living alone
● Area Served: Mississauga
● Must have a telephone

The telephone reassurance program is intended to serve older adults who are living alone, homebound, isolated and are in need of daily contact to ensure personal safety. This may be temporary while recuperating from anillness or fall or it may be a permanent situation.

Program Details:

Volunteers who are interviewed, trained, screened, and signed a confidentiality agreement, plac calss to clients at mutually agreed upon times.

Call 905-615-3207 ext. 107 in order to learn about the intake process.


Individuals may self refer or be referred by a caregiver, family member or service provider.

Operating Hours:

Telephone calls to clients can be made Monday through Friday at a mutually agreed upon time, exclusing holidays.


There is NO COST involved.

In partnership with Peel Senior Link, helping seniors live independently. Telephone Reassurance Program is funded by the Mississauga Halton Local Health Integration Network