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Table Tennis Links

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This site is ALL ABOUT TABLE TENNIS or PING PONG - a wonderful sport that is reasonably cheap, offers great exercise for men and women of all ages and sizes, for boys and girls tall enough to hit a ball over the table, and requires little space with the minimal equipment needed of only a table, a net, two bats and a ball. Two or four people can play generally indoors, all year round, rain or shine, day or night. Little conversation is required other than counting the score. This enjoyable game, one of many popular non-contact sports, also tends to have a lower injury rate than other sports.

The goal of this site is to provide Table Tennis Links to webpages related to the sport of table tennis or ping pong including:

Table Tennis Directories

About Table Tennis / Ping-Pong. From Greg Letts, Your Guide to Table Tennis / Ping-Pong.

Butterfly Online. The World Leader in Table Tennis Technology. Butterfly News, Technology, Players, Clubs, Coaches, Tournaments, Rules, FAQ, Search Butterfly Products, Shipping, Links.

ITTF Table Tennis World Ranking. Table Tennis Events.
Beijing Olympics 2008. Table Tennis Articles.
Athens Olympics 2004. Table Tennis Articles.
ITTF Event Calendar 2007, 2006, 2005, 2004, 2003, 2003 World Championships, European Championships, ITTF Pro Tour, and more.

MSN Groups - Table Tennis Toronto.

PongWorld. Updated World Rankings, Table Tennis Archive of Newspaper Articles, Country in Focus, Tips & Tricks, Table Tennis Links, Equipment Review, and more.

SafeSport: Table Tennis. Basics of Table Tennis, Skills and Fitness, Common Injuries, Getting Started.

Table Tennis / Ping Pong: Table Tennis - Guide from

World Table Tennis: ITTF Table Tennis World Ranking and Featured Players.

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