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Biography of Former Mayor Hazel McCallion

October 1954 to September 2014 Events

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Biography of Hazel McCallion - January 2017 to Present
Biography of Hazel McCallion - October 2014 to December 2016
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Biography of
Former Mayor Hazel McCallion
City of Mississauga

In Office 36 Years:
December 1, 1978 - November 30, 2014

Mayor Hazel McCallion is photographed by Bert Hoferichter, MPA in the early years of her mayoralty Google image from http://www.insauga.com/hazel-mccallion-through-the-years
Mayor Hazel McCallion of Mississauga, 1978
Photo credits: Bert Hoferichter, MPA

Mississauga Mayor Hazel McCallion cheered at gala. Mississauga's mayor leaves office after 36 years. CBC News, Sep 27, 2014. "Hazel McCallion ... was toasted at a retirement gala, even though she insists she isn't retiring. 'I'm leaving my job as mayor of Mississauga - that's all,' the 93-year-old career politician told CBC News recently. 'I'm not retiring.' McCallion has held the top job in the southern Ontario city since 1978. Voters have since returned her to office 12 times. During two of those elections she ran unopposed and, even when challenged, McCallion often didn't bother to spend time or money campaigning. But after 36 years, Hurricane Hazel - as she's affectionately known - has opted not to run again."
The Official Retirement Gala for Mayor Hazel McCallion was held at the International Centre in Mississauga, Ontario. Tickets cost $500 per person or $4,500 for a table of 10. Proceeds go to not-for-profit Hazel McCallion Foundation for the Arts, Culture and Heritage.

Mayor Hazel McCallion CBC News interview 27 Sep 2014
Mayor Hazel McCallion
Photo credits: CBC News, 27 Sep 2014

Questions for Hazel. Interview 27 Sep 2014. CBC News Video, 16:44 min.

Jean Chretien and Mayor Hazel McCallion Google image from http://www.insauga.com/sites/default/files/imagecache/lead-image-full/article/2014/09/_hazel.jpg
Jean Chretien and Hazel McCallion
September 27, 2014
Photo credits: possibly Fred Loek
Hazel McCallion Foundation
or insauga.com

Jean Chretien leads celebrity tributes to Hazel McCallion at retirement gala. Posted by John Stewart, Mississauga News, 28 Sept. 2014. "The last mayor's gala of the Hazel McCallion era was held Saturday night before about 1,000 people at The International Centre ... Mayor Hazel McCallion was delighted when surprise visitor former Canadian Prime Minister Jean Chretien dropped by during Saturday night's Thank You Hazel Gala at the International Centre."
"Surprise guest" - Photo by Fred Loek/Hazel McCallion Foundation.

Jean Chretien salutes Hazel McCallion. Former prime minister Jean Chretien salutes retiring Mississauga Mayor Hazel McCallion, 28 Sep 2014. CBC News video, 5:40 min. (Echo)


Multicultural Dance Mosaic at Hazel McCallion Retirement Gala at International Centre, Sept 27, 2014. YouTube video, 15:10 min.

Mayor Hazel McCallion Culture Days photo from http://culturedays.ca/assets/Tipsandtools/2015INFOGRAPHICS/Facebook_CD_Info_2015_8F.jpg
Mayor Hazel McCallion:
"I get to experience something new."
September 2014
Photo from Culture Days Email

Celebrating 40 years of Mississauga. As the city marks its 40th birthday, Mississauga News takes a look at its past, present and future. Published September 25, 2014.
Welcome to 1974 by Louie Rosella, Mississauga News: "MISSISSAUGA - Hazel McCallion was a City councillor. Square One had a Woolco. There were five traffic lights on Hurontario St. between Lakeshore Rd. and Derry Rd."
Mississauga 101: A variation on the Big Bang theory by John Stewart, Mississauga News. Published September 25, 2014. "Sometimes, the significant people and events seem to intersect at a particular moment in time. Call it the Big Bang theory of civic evolution. Mississauga is a fine example. If you were to pick a single moment that, in retrospect, best stands for how the city defines itself, it would almost certainly be 11:56 p.m. Nov. 10, 1979. That's when a CP rail train left the tracks near Mavis Rd., triggering the evacuation of half the city and placing a pugnacious, wily rookie mayor squarely in the headlights of the international media spotlight - where her mettle shone brightly. The train derailed and, at what seems in retrospect like the same milli-second, Hazel McCallion's mayoral status was fast-tracked to permanent."

Salute to Hazel McCallion Press Conference Jake Dheer. Published on Sep 24, 2014. Jake Dheer invites people to the Community Tribute celebrations for Hazel McCallion, Mississauga Mayor for 36 years.

Mayor's Annual Luncheon from SNAP North Mississauga, October 2014 Edition, p. 7. Photos and event by Jay Ward, Website code: pez9g6. Numerous photos including: Mayor McCallion and Sheldon Leiba, President of MBOT. "The Mississauga Board of Trade Mayor's Annual Luncheon was held on September 23 at the Mississauga Convention Centre. This was the final 'State of the City' address for current Mayor Hazel McCallion after 36 years in office ...

The keynote speaker, Mayor McCallion, took to the podium to discuss Mississauga's changing landscape and her view of future potential and direction for Canada's sixth largest city. The event was attended by the Board of Trade executive and its members, business executives, city councillors, mayoral candidates and other politicians."

Reverend Elvis and Daughter on a Mission of Peace from Newswire.ca. Mississauga, ON, Sept. 20, 2014 - "Reverend Elvis Bruce Sheasby and daughter Mary-Jane are flying from Calgary to Mississauga to sing 'You Are My Sunshine' to Mayor Hazel McCallion who is being honoured this Sunday [September 21, 2014] International Peace Day by Bruce's mother Dorothea Sheasby, the Canadian Registrar of World Citizens."
See also: Reverend Elvis and Daughter on a Mission of Peace from Gateway Gazette, 24 Sep 2014. Reverend Elvis Bruce Sheasby: "I feel like we're sort of kindred spirits as the Elvis in me, like the Hurricane in Hazel, likes to shake things up! I've always admired Hazel's tenacity and vision. Hazel supported my mother in making this Peace Stone become a reality and I think that both women are a testament to the reality that Peace can be hard work and usually comes with a price." See Photo of Peace Stone below.

Proper sendoff planned for Mayor McCallion at LAC next month from Mississauga News.

Mississauga Board of Trade to Host Mayor's Annual Luncheon - Hazel McCallion's Final State of City Address. Press Release, September 15, 2014. "For four decades, Mayor McCallion has been our city's number one ambassador and champion for business," says Sheldon Leiba, MBOT President. "The large, thriving and leading economic centre that Mississauga is today is a result of her leadership and commitment to creating a strong economic base." Mississauga Board of Trade (MBOT) will be hosting the 2014 Annual Mayor's Address Luncheon on Tuesday, September 23, 2014, 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m., at Mississauga Convention Centre, sponsored by MNP LLP.

Mississauga Minor Hockey Associations to Celebrate Mayor Hazel McCallion. "The Mississauga Hockey League, Mississauga Girls Hockey League and Streetsville Hockey League will honour outgoing Mayor of Mississauga, Hazel McCallion, for her unwavering support for minor hockey in the community. On Saturday, November 29, 2014, the three associations will pay tribute to Mayor McCallion with a special ceremonial puck drop at the start of the MHL's annual Minor Novice Fun Day at Tomken Arena at 12 noon."

Mayor Hazel McCallion with Top Hat Marching Band and the Stilt Guys at Tim Hortons Southside Shuffle Google image from http://www.southsideshuffle.ca/ticketed-mainstages.html
Hazel McCallion with Stilt Guys
at Tim Hortons Southside Shuffle
Photo credits: Martin Pinker 6 Sep 2014

Mayor Hazel McCallion saying Fairwell at the Southside Shuffle 2014. YouTube video, 8:20 min. Published on Sep 8, 2014 by Dave Parry. "On September 7th, delivered a speech to a huge crowd at the Southside Shuffle Blues Festival in Port Credit Ontario Canada. At 94 years of age she has been Mayor of Mississauga for 36 years and is retiring November 30th 2014. Everyone will miss her presence and everyone wishes her a wonderful retirement."

Mayor Hazel McCallion driving Tim Hortons Southside Shuffle Bus 6 Sept. 2014 Google image from
Hazel McCallion driving
Tim Hortons Southside Shuffle bus
September 6, 2014
Photo credits: Southside Shuffle Sep 2014

Mississauga Transitway Phase 1. YouTube video, 1:52 min. Take a sneak peak of the Mississauga Transitway and hear from Mayor Hazel McCallion as we get set for service to start on Monday, November 17, 2014. The City of Mississauga is constructing Phase 1 of the Mississauga Transitway and four new stations at Central Parkway, Cawthra, Tomken and Dixie.

Mayor Hazel McCallion's Golf Tournament Google image from http://www.hazelscharitygolf.com/

Mayor Hazel McCallion's 33rd Annual Charity Gala Golf Tournament on Thursday, September 4, 2014 at BraeBen Golf Course, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, sponsored by Paramount Fine Foods. Message from Mayor Hazel McCallion: "Since this tournament started 32 years ago, more than $3 million has been raised to help more than 300 local charities, mostly organizations that provide support, encouragement and opportunities for children and youth in Mississauga ... Tournament founder John Rogers and Ron Lenyk have chaired the 33 tournaments between them with John leading the first 23 ... Being the mayor of Mississauga has been a privilege for me. Nothing has proven more rewarding than being able to provide financial assistance for the young people and charities of Mississauga because of the involvement of unselfish golfers and sponsors like you." (Broken link removed 25 June 2016).

Mayor Hazel McCallion's 33rd Charity Golf Tournament. Posted on Facebook by Photo Booth GTA. Photos taken at BraeBen Golf Course, 5700 Terry Fox Way, Mississauga, ON L5V 2W2 Canada.

● It is with great regret to inform you that Ron Lenyk passed away on September 14, 2015. See Ron "Zenko" Lenyk, Obituary.

History lessons - a conversation with Hazel McCallion, Mayor, City of Mississauga. YouTube video, 20:06 min. Brian Lambie, President of Redbrick Communications, sits down for a conversation with Mississauga Mayor Hazel McCallion at the Association of Municipalities of Ontario's (AMO) Annual AGM and Conference in London, Ontario on August 19, 2014. Hear Hazel's thoughts as she looks back on her more than 40-year run in municipal politics.

Jim Tovey pays tribute to Mayor McCallion at the Waterfront Festival . "Hurricane". YouTube video: 6:06 min. Comment by Gord MacDonald: "Ata Boy Jim. You might put the politician into the rock n roller but you'll never get the rock n roller out of the politician. Still got the moves."?

Mayor Hazel McCallion at Grand Opening of Goodness Me! Mississauga - July 10, 2014. YouTube video, 2:32 min. Published on Sep 7, 2014 by sq1oac2. City of Mississauga Mayor Hazel McCallion gives a speech (Thank you for choosing Mississauga) and cuts the red ribbon at the Grand Opening of Goodness Me! Mississauga, 6th and the Largest Goodness Me! Store located at 720 Bristol Road West, Mississauga ON L5R 4A3

Canada Day 2014 with Mayor Hazel McCallion. YouTube video, 4:48 min. Published on Jul 2, 2014 by WardOne Mississauga. "The last Canada Day with Mayor McCallion as Mayor."

Mississauga Canada Day parade named in honour of Hazel McCallion from CHCH, July 1, 2014. "In honour of the 93-year old, the [Paint the Town Red] festival's parade has been renamed the 'Hazel McCallion Canada Day parade.' Today, McCallion marched down Lakeshore for the last time as mayor ...
Hazel McCallion: 'For the parade to be named after me, it was such a big surprise and such an honour. Council endorsed it so I'm just delighted.'"

The Lunch: For Hazel McCallion, the campaign never stops. Article by Dakshana Bascaramurty, Globe and Mail. Published Friday, Jun. 27 2014, 5:36 PM EDT. "Ms. McCallion is the oldest mayor in Canada, possibly the oldest in the world (it's a difficult title to confirm: the Guinness Book of World Records traces heaviest and youngest mayor but not oldest) ...

Ms. McCallion usually disappoints those who ask after her diet - what secret elixir has warded off senility, which self-imposed restrictions have allowed her to work at the same pace she did half a century ago. She isn't on any medications, but takes iron supplements and fish oil caplets. She eats a lot of vegetables.

... retirement won't be dinner parties and gardening. Ms. McCallion said she plans to have an active public life, in which she wants to advocate for more power for municipalities. This fall, she's releasing her memoirs, co-written with Robert Brehl. "I'm not retiring to travel, I can tell you that," she says ...

The only leisure travel Ms. McCallion takes is for fishing trips ... Once, in Costa Rica, she caught a 110-pound sailfish."

McCallion makes final bow at Bread & Honey by Joseph Chin, Mississauga News, June 5, 2014. "Mayor Hazel McCallion ... leading the 2013 Bread & Honey Festival parade, appears at the popular event this weekend for the final time in an official capacity."

Hazel McCallion (almost 93) skates at 2014 Mayor's New Year's Levee. YouTube video, 2:07 min. Published by MISSISSAUGAWATCH, 1 Jan. 2014.

Mayor McCallion leads the way in Streetsville's annual Bread and Honey Parade on June 6, 2008. Google image from http://www.insauga.com/hazel-mccallions-photos-through-the-years.
Mayor Hazel McCallion
Leads Bread & Honey Parade, 6 June 2008
Photo credits: insauga.com

Burnhamthorpe Community Centre was officially re-opened October 2, 2004 by Mayor Hazel McCallion - Photo by I Lee, 20 Oct 2017
Burnhamthorpe Community Centre
was officially re-opened October 2, 2004
by Mayor Hazel McCallion
Photo by I Lee, 20 Oct 2017

Hazel McCallion promotes Streetsville Founders Bread and Honey Festival Google image from http://www.insauga.com/hazel-mccallions-photos-through-the-years. Created by the Streetsville and District Chamber of Commerce in 1973. Publisher/husband Sam McCallion, first President in 1974.
Hazel McCallion
Promotes Bread & Honey Festival, June 1973
Photo credits: insauga.com

Traditional Cut Stone Lawrence Voaides, David Tyrrell, Richard Carbino with Mayor Hazel McCallion image from http://www.traditionalcutstone.com/wp/wp-content/uploads/mayor_hazel_2.jpg Mayor Hazel McCallion Bust with Mayor Hazel McCallion image from http://www.traditionalcutstone.com/projects/mayor-hazel-mccallion-bust/#6300-mayor-hazel/6298
Lawrence Voaides (Master Stone Carver, Artist),
David Tyrrell (Managing Director),
Richard Carbino (VP Sales)
of Traditional Cut Stone Ltd.
with Bust of Mayor Hazel McCallion
and Mayor Hazel McCallion, circa 2014.
Photo credits: Traditional Cut Stone Ltd.

Mayor Hazel McCallion Interview Video. YouTube video, 21:30 min. Published on 15 May 2014 by TheRealEstateForums. "Interview with Mayor Hazel McCallion produced for the Land & Development Conference, May 13, 2014. Mayor Hazel McCallion first elected Mayor of Mississauga in 1978 and recognized as the longest serving Mayor in the City's history is serving her final term in office. She will discuss the evolution of Mississauga into the 6th largest city in Canada and the role that development played in reaching this notable achievement. We are honoured to give recognition and thanks to her enormous accomplishments and notable achievements in offices and to celebrate her remarkable contribution to public life."

Message from Mayor Hazel McCallion on Provincial Election. YouTube video, 2:06 min. Published on 14 May 2014 by City of Mississauga.

Mississauga Mayor Hazel McCallion Endorses Kathleen Wynne. YouTube video, 53 seconds. Published on 14 May 2014 by OntarioLiberalTV.

Mayor Hazel McCallion to write memoir by Dianne Rinehart Book Reporter, Published on Mon May 05 2014. "Mississauga Mayor Hazel McCallion will publish her memoirs this October. Hurricane Hazel: A Life with Purpose will be published by HarperCollins, just as the mayor steps down from her job after 36 years.

'People have been asking me for years to write my autobiography and with the onset of my retirement I thought the time was right for me to share my life experiences and the lessons I've learned,' the mayor said in a news release.

The 93-year-old, who before heading Mississauga's council was mayor of Streetsville (now part of Mississauga) in 1970, said she hopes her story 'will educate, entertain and inspire readers.'"

Mayor Hazel McCallion to Volunteers: "Thank you! Thank you!" April 2014. YouTube video, 1:24 min. Published on Apr 24, 2014 by sq1oac2. " Still working full-time at age 93, the humorous Mississauga Mayor Hazel McCallion gives a short speech at the 21st Annual Volunteer Recognition Event at Square One Older Adult Centre on April 22, 2014. She asks: "How many of you in the room are over 93? How many of you are working? Who's working?"

Didi and Ignat Kaneff, Honourary Co-Chairs, wth Tribute Dinner honouree, Mayor Hazel McCallion and Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne photo by Mike Douglas, Mississauga Life Google image from http://www.mississaugalife.ca/wp-content/uploads/2014/03/Community-Living-Tribute-Dinner-076.jpg
Didi and Ignat Kaneff,
Mayor Hazel McCallion, Premier Kathleen Wynne
Photo by Mike Douglas

Tribute Dinner Raises $162,000 Pays Homage to Mayor Hazel McCallion by CLM 27 March 2014 Google image from www.clmiss.ca868 ? 508 - http://www.clmiss.ca/hypfiles/uploads/2014/04/JOK_9896_correct_cheque_web.jpg
Tribute Dinner Raises $162,000
Pays Homage to Mayor Hazel McCallion
March 27, 2014
Photo credits: Community Living Mississauga

Tribute Dinner Raises $162,000, Pays Homage to Mayor Hazel McCallion. "More than 650 people raised over $162,000 while honouring Mayor Hazel McCallion at Community Living Mississauga's 30th annual Tribute Dinner on Thursday, March 27, 2014. The evening, themed "A Lifetime of Community Giving, Community Living", celebrated Mayor McCallion's contribution to the growth and development of Mississauga over the past four decades. 'This year marked the 30th anniversary of the Community Living Mississauga Foundation Tribute Dinner,' explained Jack A. Prazeres, Chair of the Tribute Dinner Planning Committee. 'To celebrate this milestone anniversary, it seemed obvious that we needed to honour the woman who has served as mayor during each and every one of those events.' The evening included remarks from Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne, John Tory as well as video greetings from former Premier Bill Davis."

Tribute Dinner Raises $162,000, Pays Homage to Mayor Hazel McCallion. Mayor Hazel McCallion is honoured by Community Living Mississauga and spurs a record-setting fundraiser. Photos include: Didi and Ignat Kaneff, Honourary Co-Chairs, wth Tribute Dinner honouree, Mayor Hazel McCallion and Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne. Photography by Mike Douglas, March 27, 2014, Mississauga Life: Spirit of the City. "Amongst the many causes that Mississauga's legendary Mayor Hazel McCallion has consistently championed over the years are the Carassauga Festival of Cultures and Community Living Mississauga (CLM). On March 27, these two outstanding volunteer organizations joined forces to pay tribute to their long-time benefactor at CLM's 30th Annual Tribute Dinner. The Mayor was honoured for the third time in her 36 years in office, and the air of mixed feelings was evident. There was a humorous celebration of a lifetime of achievements at the highest civic level, and also regret for the approaching end of a historic era. Proceeds from the sold-out dinner and fundraiser will enable children and teens with intellectual disabilities to actively participate in a variety of summer camp programs offered throughout Mississauga ..."

CLICK HERE to view Mayor McCallion Web Album

Hazel 14 Feb 2014
Mayor Hazel McCallion's
93rd Birthday
at Walden Circle
Retirement Community
February 14, 2014

Mayor Hazel McCallion being interviewed by media: CHCH, City TV, Global News at Walden Circle, Photo by I Lee, Feb. 14, 2014
93-year old Mayor McCallion being interviewed
by CHCH, City TV, Global News
at Walden Circle Retirement Community
Photo by I Lee, 14 Feb. 2014.

Mayor Hazel McCallion being interviewed by CHCH, City TV, Global News at Walden Circle, Photo by I Lee, Feb. 14, 2014
Mayor McCallion being interviewed
by CHCH, City TV, Global News
Photo by I Lee, 14 Feb. 2014.
Mayor Hazel McCallion driving away in MAYOR 1 on Feb. 14, 2014
Mayor Hazel McCallion
driving away in MAYOR 1
Photo by I Lee, 14 Feb. 2014.

A Toast to Mayor Hazel McCallion on her 93rd Birthday 14 Feb. 2014. YouTube video, 5:33 min. Published on Mar 4, 2014 by bydewey1. "Mayor Hazel McCallion celebrates her 93rd birthday at Walden Circle Retirement Community in Mississauga on February 14, 2014. City of Mississauga Ward 2 Councillor Patricia Mullen joins Walden Circle President Rod Wilson and Marketing Manager Lana Madani to offer a toast to the Mayor."

Birthday girl McCallion enjoys a good party by Jason Spencer, Mississauga News, Feb 14, 2014. "Rod Wilson, CEO of Reichmann Seniors Housing, the company that owns Walden Circle Retirement, proposed a champagne toast to the birthday girl after she was mobbed by reporters. 'This is Valentine's Day as you know, and this is the day of love and caring for each other, and the person who most embodies that is our Mayor Hazel McCallion,' said Wilson. 'To celebrate your birthday with us is an amazing treat.'

Wilson recalled McCallion attending the sod-turning ceremony of the facility a year ago. 'Hazel is a great supporter of seniors; she's a wonderful lady,' he added ... Fellow resident Frank Langdon: '(McCallion) does an admirable job,' he said. 'I'm amazed that she can do it at her age.'"

Mayor 1 Hazel McCallion with her Chevrolet in Front of Mississauga City Hall 14 Feb 2014 Google image from https://www.thestar.com/news/city_hall/2014/02/14/at_93_dynamic_hazel_mccallion_is_one_in_a_million.html
Mayor Hazel McCallion with her Chevrolet "MAYOR 1"
in front of Mississauga City Hall
"At 93, dynamic Hazel McCallion is one in a million"
Photo credits: Toronto Star, 14 Feb 2014
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At 93, dynamic Hazel McCallion is one in a million by San Grewal, Urban Affairs Reporter, Published on Fri Feb 14 2014 in the Toronto Star. "Mississauga's mayor for 36 years keeps a schedule that would break most 30-year-olds ... Hazel McCallion runs Canada's sixth-largest city. She enjoys deep-sea fishing. She was out Spanish dancing the other night. And she drives herself around in a plug-in electric Chevrolet. She turns 93 Friday. The phrase 'one in a million' is usually used figuratively. When applied to McCallion it might be factually correct ...

She wakes up every day at about 5 a.m. After getting out of bed she does exercises - stretches and flexes her muscles. She has a bowl of cereal while reading reports and communications sent home by one of her assistants. Her back-to-back meetings and events start as early as 7 a.m. and go as late as midnight.

In a city of 750,000 residents, she reads every one of the dozens of emails and correspondence sent to her office every day."

Hazel McCallion - Bio, Facts, Family | Famous Birthdays - Hazel McCallion, Politician from FamousBirthdays.com. Hazel McCallion Is a Member of: Famous Canadians, Famous Aquarius (February 14 Birthdays), Famous Politicians, Famous Hazels.

Hazel, Hazel everywhere - plus a drop to drink by Joseph Chin, Mississauga News, Feb 14, 2014. "Political leaders come and go. Many, deservedly, are quickly forgotten. That isn't likely to happen to Mayor Hazel McCallion.
Much more visible reminders are the many physical structures bearing McCallion's name.
At last count, they include an elementary school, university library, college campus, hospital wing, public walkway, a plethora of hotel halls and even a hydro substation.
McCallion has been immortalized in drink - a vintage wine by Joseph's Estates Winery in Niagara-on-the-Lake ... Also, like many athletes, there's a McCallion bobblehead doll which depicts the mayor in full fishing gear with a fishing rod and two salmon.
Although politically she's no shrinking flower, McCallion boasts a rose in her name.
It's described as classic, versatile and vigorous, qualities that can, of course, be used to describe the mayor herself. It's also guaranteed to be disease resistant, mildew resistant and blackspot resistant, much like McCallion, who turns 93 today.
Thirty-six years in office is something to sing about, so it's not surprising there's a song and a poem written in her honour. Aptly called The Hurricane, the song was written by longtime Mississauga resident James Alcock ...
The poem, titled Ode to Her Worship Hazel McCallion, was written by Councillor Bonnie Crombie who recited it at the Living Arts Centre on the occasion of the mayor's 90th birthday.
The latest tribute ... is a limited edition coin commemorating her years in office. Only 3,000 lucky souls will own what may one day become a collectors item."

Mississauga's people will be her lasting legacy: Hazel McCallion by Shawn Jeffords, Toronto Sun, First posted: Saturday, February 08, 2014 08:00 PM EST. "I'm a people's mayor. That's what I ran on. I ran on the platform of people's mayor and I've tried to fulfill that throughout the years. My legacy is to build a city for the people."

Legends Row: Hazel McCallion - Introduction Video for Harold Shipp. 2014 Induction Celebration. YouTube video, min. Published on Oct 2, 2015 by Mississauga Legends Row. The ceremony took place on Saturday, January 17, 2014 at the Great Hall, Mississauga Civic Centre.

Rob Ford and Hazel McCallion Split-Screen GTA Mayor's Ice Storm Press Conference. YouTube video, 17:44 min. Published on Jan 17, 2014 by MISSISSAUGAWATCH. Splitscreen: Cam 2 Rob Ford. Cam 1 Hazel McCallion.

Mayor Hazel McCallion reflects on achievements as she hosts her final New Year levee by David Paterson, Mississauga News, January 2, 2014. "Hazel McCallion meets citizens at her 35th New Year's levee, which was held in the council chambers at City Hall" ~ Staff photo by David Paterson. "McCallion has said she will retire after the municipal elections in October, bringing the curtain down on an astonishing career and an entire era in Mississauga politics.

McCallion's arrival was sounded by a bagpiper and, as she entered the hall past an honour guard from the Knights of Columbus, she was greeted with enthusiastic applause from a crowd that numbered several hundred.

They had come to shake hands and share a few words with the woman who, in her 35 years as mayor, has become not only the face but also the matriarch of Mississauga ...

The mayor then recounted some of the achievements of the past four decades, ranging from the building of local libraries and community facilities to the opening of the Living Arts Centre and the Central Library ... regardless of who wears the mayor's chain at next year's levee, McCallion will be one tough act to follow."

Hazel McCallion (almost 93) skates at 2014 Mayor's New Year's Levee. YouTube video, 2:07 min. Published on Jan 1, 2014 by MISSISSAUGAWATCH. "I've tried hard not to like her but can't. It's impossible to conclude that she's anything but GREAT. As in Unique-Great. Bigger balls than any male Canadian politician -- ever."

MOST INFLUENTIAL: 1. Hazel McCallion. She who must be No. 1 by John Stewart, Mississauga News, Nov 22, 2013. "Look around Mississauga and try not to see the influence of Hazel - the mayor who needs no surname ...
This may not be the city that Hazel built, but there is no doubt it is the city she has ruled (benevolently, with the reverential blessing of the public every few years) for almost 35 years.
Hazel McCallion has been invested in, and influenced, every aspect of municipal life in this city for so long that she has become a part of its DNA ...
People in other parts of Canada who know almost nothing about Mississauga know that we have a feisty little Tasmanian-devil-of-a-mayor named Hazel.
In a 2011 profile of McCallion, The Globe and Mail declared that, "Hazel McCallion has been the subject of a political personality cult that dwarfs nearly any other in Canadian history."

Hazel McCallion close-up portrait Google image from https://images.thestar.com/content/dam/thestar/news/city_hall/2013/10/24/hazel_mccallion_awarded_170000_in_dismissed_conflict_case/hazel_mccallion.jpg
Mayor Hazel McCallion, October 24, 2013
Photo credits: Nick Kozak for The Toronto Star

Hazel McCallion awarded $170,000 in dismissed conflict case by San Grewal, Urban Affairs Reporter, Published on Thurs Oct 24 2013 in the Toronto Star. "The decision in the case cannot be appealed."

Who's After Hazel McCallion? By Ashley Newport on October 16, 2013. "Hazel McCallion's reign hasn't been problem-free, but it hasn't exactly been wrought with controversy either.

She was first elected mayor in November of 1978 (before some of you fine readers were even born!) and has held onto her suburban throne in every election since. Known for her strong fiscal management (she kept the city debt-free for decades), the iconic mayor is not merely the city's leader - she's a central part of its identity.

Restaurateurs who have met her have her picture hanging in their restos. Event organizers fall all over themselves trying to get her attend their shindigs ...

Her longevity has, in a way, given her some immunity from criticism ...

Ultimately, it'll be a tough transition for the city's future mayor. The new leader will have to, rightly or wrongly, come to bear the blame for some of Hazel's short sightedness regarding infrastructure. He or she will also have to win over a city that so loves its geriatric mayor that it has voted to keep her in power for over 30 years ..."

AVRO-Arrow - Mayor Hazel McCallion's speech welcoming the Arrow Home (Sept 28, 2013). YouTube video, 10:02 min. Published on Sep 29, 2013 by MISSISSAUGAWATCH. Split-screen video of Hazel McCallion's address at Mississauga Doors Open opening ceremony, September 28, 2013. Includes footage from CBC Archives: Avro Arrow's Maiden Flight, 1958.

Where Does Hazel Fit In with the Big City Mayors? by Ashley Newport, August 18, 2013. Newport compares the mayors and lists misdeeds of each mayor, if any.
● 1. Toronto - Population of 2.615 million, Mayor: Rob Ford.
● 2. Montreal - Population of 1.649 million, Mayor: Currently Laurent Blanchard, formerly Michael Applebaum.
● 3. Calgary - Population of 1.096 million, Mayor: Naheed Nenshi.
● 4. Ottawa - Population 883,391, Mayor: Jim Watson.
● 5. Edmonton - Population of 821,201, Mayor: Stephen Mandel.
● 6. Mississauga - Population of 713,443, Mayor: Hazel McCallion (or Hurricane Hazel or Madam Mayor or, just simply, Hazel). "... Hazel is an icon ... she's presided over a growing city, quite successfully, for over three decades. What was once a clump of houses around a mall is now a semi-urban space with condos, an art gallery, several mini-downtown areas and a city square with a jumbotron...

At this point, Hazel will leave office when Hazel is good and ready. She may not be as entertaining as Rob Ford, but she's got staying power (and bobbleheads)."

Catch of the day at the 1988 Mayor's Invitational Fishing Tournament. Image from http://www.insauga.com/hazel-mccallions-photos-through-the-years
Mayor Hazel McCallion's Catch of the Day
at 1988 Mayor's Invitational Fishing Tournament
Photo credits: insauga.com

Hazel McCallion lands the big one as Rob Ford and Italo Labignan cheer her on. YouTube video, 1:03 min. Published on Aug 16, 2013 by ItaloLabignan. "Hazel McCallion, Rob Ford, Julian Fantino, Walter Oster, and Italo Labignan enjoy the day on the water when Hazel lands a HUGE Salmon!"

Walter Oster, Julian

Walter Oster, Julian Fantino, Rob Ford,
Italo Labignan, Hazel McCallion, 16 Aug 2013
Photo source: Italo's Blog, Canadian Sportsfishing

FORD SAVES HAZEL! Rob Ford Saves Hazel McCallion On Fishing Trip!. YouTube video, 2:38 min. Published on Aug 17, 2013 by MississaugaWatch. "SLOW MOTION of original video 27.52% normal speed. Music by THE WHO. Original video: "Hazel McCallion lands the big one as Rob Ford and Italo Labignan cheer her on." See video below.

Hazel recalls Rob Ford saving her with a 'bear hug'. Toronto Sun video, 1:57 min. Article and video by Joe Warmington, Toronto Sun, 28 March 2016. "Hazel McCallion will never forget the day that Rob Ford saved her from going for a swim in Lake Ontario while they were out on a salmon boat off Port Credit in 2013 ... 'There were two framed pictures,' said Hazel. 'One was of me with the fishing rod and Rob holding on to me and the other was all of us with the salmon.' But what had Hazel McCallion choked up was what Rob Ford hand wrote on the one of them: 'To the world's best mayor! Rob Ford xo.'"
Note: Rob Ford, former Toronto mayor passed away on 22 March 2016 at the age of 46.

Google image from http://storage.torontosun.com/v1/dynamic_resize/sws_path/suns-prod-images/1297455307371_ORIGINAL.jpg?quality=80&size=650x
Rob Ford "saving" Mayor Hazel McCallion
Photo credits: Toronto Sun

Rob Ford, Hazel McCallion go fishing. Hilarity, a kiss and a massive salmon ensue by Megan O'Toole, National Post, August 16, 2013. Photos: Rob Ford helps Hazel McCallion reel the fish in; Ford gives McCallion a celebratory peck on the cheek; the duo pose with the fish. "It took two mayors from the GTA's two largest municipalities Thursday to reel in the catch of the day: a massive, 16-pound salmon that threatened to drag Mississauga's 92-year-old chief magistrate overboard. Mississauga Mayor Hazel McCallion and Toronto Mayor Rob Ford teamed up at the day-long Great Ontario Salmon Derby near Port Credit, eventually pulling in a massive chinook - but not before the fish put up a formidable fight."

Hazel McCallion walking in Canada Day Parade in Port Credit, July 1, 2013
Mayor Hazel McCallion walking
in Canada Day Parade in Port Credit
July 1, 2013. Photo credits: Mississauga News

MacEwan Terrace Garden opened by Mayor Hazel McCallion 22 June 2013 photo by I Lee 26 Aug 2015
MacEwan Terrace Garden was officially opened
by Mayor Hazel McCallion, C.M. on June 22, 2013.
Photo by I Lee, Aug. 26, 2015.

Mississauga Mayor Hazel McCallion did not violate conflict of interest law: judge by Vidya Kauri, The Globe and Mail, Published Friday, Jun. 14 2013, 6:20 AM EDT. "Mississauga Mayor Hazel McCallion has been found not guilty of violating a conflict of interest law in a case that involved her son's development proposal for a downtown hotel.

Superior Court Justice John Sproat, in a ruling Friday, dismissed an application by Elias Hazineh, who alleged Ms. McCallion broke the law in September, 2007, when she seconded a motion and voted for an amendment to a new by-law raising development fees."

Hazel in the house for the MARTY Awards. Mississauga News, May 8, 2013. Mayor Hazel McCallion will join the party to honour a top volunteer in the arts community at the 2013 MARTY Awards, which unfold tomorrow night in Hammerson Hall at the Living Arts Centre. McCallion will present the "Volunteer of the Year" award.

Hazel McCallion: I'm aiming for 100 by David Paterson, Mississauga News. April 28, 2013. "Hazel McCallion was in ruminative mood at a belated birthday party thrown in her honour on Sunday, telling the 150 or so guests, "I'm hoping to maybe live to be 100, but you never know."

ULI Toronto Fireside Chat with Mayor Hazel McCalliono. YouTube video, 1 hr. 29:10 min. Published on Feb 28, 2013 by Urban Land Institute Toronto. "Hazel McCallion was elected Mayor of Mississauga in 1978 and is currently serving her 12th term. She has been recognized numerous times for her contributions to public service and was inducted as a Member of the Order of Canada in 2005, honoured with a Lifetime Achievement Award by the Mississauga Board of Trade in April 2010 and in June 2010, was conferred with the Honorary Doctor of Laws degree by the University of Toronto. In addition, the Hazel McCallion Senior Public School, the Hazel McCallion Academic Learning Centre at the University of Toronto at Mississauga and the Hazel McCallion Campus of Sheridan College has been named in her honour.

As the new Chief Planner of the City of Toronto, Jennifer Keesmaat is facing issues of growth and downtown development similar to Mississauga, yet on a different scale. Her experiences as a partner at the Toronto-based integrated design firm DIALOG, where she worked with many mid-sized cities to develop downtown, cultural and strategic plans before accepting the position of Chief Planner in September 2012, make her ideally suited for the challenge.

Join us as Jennifer sits down with Hazel McCallion to discuss the mayor's career, her challenges and successes in city building, development and leadership, and her life lessons for the next generation."

Hazel McCallion - Who says I'm too old? from The Mark of a Leader: The Stories We Tell - themarkofaleader.com.

Officials from Kariya, Japan visit with Hazel, to present gift in celebration of the new municipal offices. The two cities have been 'sistered' since 1981 Google image from https://www.insauga.com/sites/default/files/article/pn2013_01134_0.jpg
Mayor Hazel McCallion poses with
Officials from Kariya, Japan,
(Twin City with Mississauga since 1981)
Photo source: insauga.com

Hazel McCallion Campus - Mississauga | Sheridan. YouTube video, 2:06 min. Published on Sep 13, 2012 by Sheridan College. Information about Sheridan's new Hazel McCallion HMC - Mississauga Campus!

Mayor Hazel McCallion speaks at MuslimFest 1 Sep 2012 at Celebration Square Mayor Hazel McCallion speaks at MuslimFest 1 Sep 2012 at Celebration Square
Mayor Hazel McCallion speaks at MuslimFest
Mississauga Celebration Square, September 1, 2012

Mayor Hazel McCallion speech at MuslimFest 2012. YouTube video, 4:09 min. Published on 10 Sep 2012 by sq1oac2. "But remember one thing ... Thank God for the many blessings that have been bestowed upon all the people in this great country of Canada. We have a situation far better than any country in the world - appreciate it, respect it, and support it." Mississauga's 91-year-old Mayor Hazel McCallion speaks to attendees of MuslimFest held at Mississauga Celebration Square, 300 City Centre Drive, Mississauga Ontario Canada, 1 September 2012.

Hazel's Walk by Lesley, 11 July 2012. "Hazel's Walk is a curved path that runs along the cityside of the mall at Duke of York Blvd and is dedicated to and named for the Mayor on her 80th birthday. She is the longest serving mayor, having been elected in 1978, though she has said that she will not run in the next election in 2014, by which point she will be 93 years young!"

Hazel's Walk, photo by I Lee, Canada Day, July 1, 2015
Hazel's Walk at Square One Cityside
Dedicated to Mayor Hazel McCallion, July 5, 2001
Photo by I Lee, July 1, 2015

Canada Day Mississauga Mayor Hazel McCallion. YouTube video, 0:27 min. Published on July 3, 2012 by travler2008. "Port Credit (Mississauga) Ontario Paint the Town Red Canada Day Parade with Grand Marshals Mayor Hazel McCallion and Canadian Football Hall of Fame's Chuck Ealey. At the start of the parade, and to the delight of the crowd, Mississauga's 91-year-old Madam Mayor elected to walk the route along Lakeshore Road East in Port Credit."

Mississauga - 1989 vs NOW. YouTube video, 14:16 min. Published on April 30, 2012 by STORECAST. "Oh how things have changed!" Driving south on Hurontario Street, from Brittania Road to Lakeshore Road in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. Mississauga: Then and Now, Before and After. Music: "Now We Are Free" by Lisa Gerrard. Keywords: Mississauga, Mississauga Celebration Square, Brampton, Toronto, Hurontario, Dundas Street, Burnhamthorpe, Square One, Brittania Road, Matheson Street, Peel, Peel Region, GTA, Greater Toronto Area, Ontario, Canada, Lisa Gerrard, Gavin Greenaway, The Lyndhurst Orchestra, Bruce Fowler, Yvonne S. Moriarty, Walt Fowler, Ladd McIntosh, Elizabeth Finch, Jack Smalley & Hans Zimmer.

FUNNY CLIP: Mayor Hazel McCallion and Ashley Leggat at COUNT ME IN in 2012. YouTube video, 0:43 min. "Published on Jun 19, 2014. Hands down one of our all-time favourite Count Me In memories!"

Photo taken from Funny Clip: Mayor Hazel McCallion and Ashley Leggat at Count Me In 2012

History of Mississauga Count Me In: "Councillor Ron Starr spoke to a conference that was organized by teenagers called Count Me In at the Living Arts Centre." (Re: April 17, 2012 Count Me In Annual Conference held in Mississauga). ~ From City of Mississauga, Council Meeting Minutes, May 2, 2012. Council Chamber, 2nd Floor, Civic Centre, 300 City Centre Drive, Mississauga, Ontario L5B 3C1. Mayor Hazel McCallion (Arrived at 9:16 am).

Happy 91st Birthday (2012)
Mayor Hazel McCallion of Mississauga
. YouTube video, 1:21 min. Videotaped by I Lee at Port Credit Residences, Retirement Living by the Lake, in Mississauga ON Canada. Children from Riverside Public School Choir sing "Happy Birthday Dear Mayor" on her 91st birthday on Valentine's Day, February 14, 2012.

Happy 91st Birthday (2012)
Mayor Hazel McCallion of Mississauga
YouTube video, 1:21 min.

Children from Riverside Public School Choir sing 'Happy Birthday Dear Mayor' on her 91st birthday on Valentine's Day, February 14, 2012 at Port Credit Residences, Retirement Living by the Lake, in Mississauga ON Canada. Video by I Lee
"Happy Birthday Dear Mayor"

30325 Riverside P S Choir photo taken at Hazel McCallion's 91st Birthday February 14, 2012
Riverside Public School Choir
February 14, 2012

Mayor Hazel McCallion's impromptu speech on her 91st birthday. YouTube video, 3:00 min. Uploaded on Feb 16, 2012 by sq1oac2. Linda Tittel to 'Hurricane Hazel': "You are a true inspiration to any one at any age." Mayor's birthday celebration held at Port Credit Retirement Residences on 14 February 2012.

Video and information from Hazel McCallion marks Valentine's Day with 91st birthday by Erin Criger and Ashleigh Smollet, CityNews.ca, February 14, 2012.

"Hurricane" Hazel McCallion turns 91 years old Tuesday Video from CityTV, February 2012.

"Not only is Tuesday Valentine's Day, it's also Mississauga Mayor Hazel McCallion's 91st birthday. But the mayor isn't slowing down. She says her day runs from 5:30 a.m. until 11 p.m. 'I haven't changed my agenda in any way. Unless illness affects me, I will give the citizens the full time,' she told CityNews reporter Francis D'Souza.

McCallion, who has been mayor since 1978, won her 12th term in 2010, and insists this is her last turn at the helm of the city. She's been the mayor of Mississauga for 33 years and will be 94 years old at the end of the term. Under her leadership, Mississauga became the third largest city in Ontario and the sixth largest in Canada, with a population of 734,000. 2012 will mark the first year the city has to borrow money - Mississauga is set to upgrade all traffic lights to LED lights in a $38 million project. The last few years of McCallion's reign have been rocky.

In 2009, a conflict of interest inquiry was launched into a land deal involving the mayor and her son. Peter McCallion, a real estate agent in a deal between World Class Developments and the city to build a high-end hotel and convention centre near Mississauga city hall, testified he wasn't aware he was a part owner of WCD. He stood to benefit financially from the $14.4-million plan.

In the end, an inquiry found McCallion intervened in the land deal on numerous occasions, including after the co-owners terminated the deal. The Mayor attempted to have the litigation settled. The last couple of years have been very difficult because of the controversy in the city ... I regret in the regard that it turned out the way it did, but all I did was assist in getting the land sold ... That was the only role I did. That didn't mean it was going to get approved by the city,' said McCallion. But despite the scandal, McCallion recently topped a list of Canada's most popular mayors with a 78 per cent approval rating."

91 year old Mayor Hazel McCallion Google image from http://media.zuza.com/9/3/9349b66e-3c07-49ba-9f4c-14b4ddae7800/025e06f34ede8e3f7a2c130572ed_Content.jpeg
91-year-old hockey player
Mayor Hazel McCallion
Google image credits: media.zuza.com

Hazel McCallion Hockey Player, circa 2000. Photo credits: http://fscs.rampinteractive.com/clarksonmha/files/association/2015-2016%20Season/minor%20hockey%20tribute%20to%20mayor%20hazel%20november%2028th-small%20[compatibility%20mode].pdf
Hazel McCallion
Hockey Player, circa 2000
Photo source: icehockey.wikia.com

Hazel McCallion Hockey Player, circa 1970s, 1980s, or 1990s. Photo credits: Minor Hockey Tribute to Hazel McCallion
Hazel McCallion
Hockey Player, circa 1980s
Photo credits: Minor Hockey Tribute to Hazel McCallion, 2014

Canadian women's ice hockey history: Hazel McCallion from Wikipedia. "Hazel McCallion is well known in Canada for her love of hockey. She played for a professional women's team while attending school in Montreal ... She played with her two sisters and was a forward on their team. McCallion later played hockey for $5 a game in the city of Montreal ... she was a board member of the Ontario Women's Hockey League, and was instrumental in getting the Hershey Centre built for the city of Mississauga. McCallion provided assistance for Don Cherry's group to bring an Ontario Hockey League franchise to the city in 1998, and she was instrumental in bringing the IIHF Women's World Hockey Championships to the city in 2000."

Kitchener Rangers' Ryan Murphy, Mayor Hazel McCallion, Steelheads owner Elliott Kerr, Kerr's son and daughter, and captain Stuart Percy ready to launch the new franchise's first season. Photo by Terry Wilson/OHL Images Google image from http://mississaugalife.ca/wp-content/uploads/2012/11/steelheads-pic.jpg.
Ryan Murphy, Mayor Hazel McCallion,
Elliott Kerr, Kerr's Children, Stuart Percy
Photo credits: Terry Wilson/OHL Images

Third Time Lucky? "Kitchener Rangers' Ryan Murphy, Mayor Hazel McCallion, Steelheads owner Elliott Kerr, Kerr's son and daughter, and captain Stuart Percy ready to launch the new franchise's first season." Above photo by Terry Wilson/OHL Images, published in Mississauga Life: Spirit of the City, November 2012. "The new Mississauga Steelheads of the Ontario Hockey League, led by owner and well-known Mississauga entrepreneur Elliott Kerr, hope to write a winning script about improved attendance, greater corporate support and community interest than its predecessors, the IceDogs and the St. Michael's Majors."

Hazel McCallion and the Beach Boys. YouTube video, 2:22 min. Uploaded on Nov 22, 2011 by Ron Duquette. Hazel McCallion causing Pandemonium at the Beach Boys Concert. "On Saturday, November 19, 2011, the 25th Annual Mayor's Gala, a black tie fundraiser for the arts in Mississuga, Ontario, Canada featured the Beach Boys in Concert ... during their curtain call playing their hit 'Fun, Fun, Fun', as 800 beach balls descended from the ceiling, an exuberant 90-year old Mayor Hazel McCallion gets caught up in the excitement."

Mississauga Mayor Hazel McCallion Supports Ontario Gang Investigators Association. YouTube video, 8:58 min. Uploaded on Nov 18, 2011 by NoToGangs.org. City of Mississauga Mayor Hazel McCallion addresses 330 delegates of law enforcement at the 10th Annual Gang and Organized Crime Professional Development Conference November 17, 2011 in support of Ontario Gang Investigators Association at Delta Meadowvale Hotel, Mississauga, Ontario Canada.

Contest challenges youth to improve city by Chris Clay, Mississauga News, Nov 12, 2011. McCallion, who said she was thrilled to lend her name to the award, said the City of Mississauga understands the importance of supporting youth. "We must concentrate on youth and give them every opportunity," said McCallion. "Let's go ahead and encourage our youth."

On Hazel's Watch. Words by Mike Douglas, Mississauga Life, Spirit of the City. "It's the day after the latest provincial election (held on October 6, 2011), and I've got Mayor Hazel McCallion on the phone. I [Mike Douglas] was interested in her reaction to the election, voters' concerns, and her insights as to the impact the results might have on our city. 'The increasing cost of hydro and the burden of HST were the issues I heard from constituents in coffee shops around Mississauga,' says McCallion. 'People are concerned about the huge hydro debt. We, as a city, have got to deal with debt ... Property tax is our (municipality's) only source of revenue and is intended for the care and keeping of property, not for other needs.' On Hazel's watch, political support will be given to the premier for as long as his actions benefit municipalities."

Mayor Rob Ford given 18lb Salmon caught by Mayor Hazel McCallion, Aug 2011 Google image from https://i.cbc.ca/1.1947216.1381383104!/httpImage/image.jpg_gen/derivatives/16x9_1180/hi-852-ford-fish.jpg
Mayor Rob Ford given gift of 18-lb salmon
from Mayor Hazel McCallion, Aug. 2011
Photo source: i.cbc.ca

The fish that didn't get away from McCallion by Joe Warmington, Toronto Sun, August 11, 2011. "Yes, that was Mississauga Mayor Hazel McCallion walking in through Nathan Phillips Square and into city hall carrying a 18-pound salmon as a gift for Mayor Rob Ford ... It was quite a scene inside the mayor's office when the visiting mayor brought in her prize and the media jumped to snare the good-news story and councillors, including Doug Ford, Mike Del Grande and Frances Frances Nunziata came into to see the fish, and to meet the gracious McCallion.
It was one for the books and a little bit of city hall history, too.
'Since I first went down there in 1958 for the Telegram and later for the Sun, I have seen a lot of strange things at city hall but I don't ever remember anybody bringing a salmon into the mayor's office,' former Toronto Sun editor John Downing said."

Lakeview Library plaque 11Jun2011, photo by I Lee 16Nov2016 It's 11pm. Do You Know Where Your Website Is? Bloomtools.
Lakeview Library Official Reopening
by Mayor Hazel McCallion, 11 June 2011
Photo by I Lee, 16 Nov. 2016

Lorne Park Library Reopening by Mayor Hazel McCallion 11 June 2011, photo by I Lee 12 May 2017 ETAG Chris Bint at Lorne Park Library 1-4pm
Lorne Park Library Official Reopening
by Mayor Hazel McCallion, 11 June 2011
Photo by I Lee, 12 May 2017

Pierre Wong, Leon Chalil, Mayor Hazel McCallion, Sunday, May 15, 2011
Pierre Wong, Leon Chalil, Mayor Hazel McCallion,
Living Arts Centre, May 15, 2011
Photo credits: Claudio Cugliari

Hazel Essay from Brampton Guardian, May 16, 2011. Many students received the Essay award from Mayor Hazel McCallion during the Mayor Hazel McCallion Award Presentation Ceremony held Sunday [May 15, 2011] afternoon at The Living Arts Centre. Leon Chalil receives the first prize Teacher's Choice Essay award in the Grade 9-12 category from Mayor Hazel McCallion and Pierre Wong, Chair of the Leaders of Tomorrow Program.

The mayor challenged other organizations to create programs designed to develop youth leaders. "Give (youth) an opportunity to show their leadership ability," McCallion said. "That's what will make a city great, a province great and Canada great." Pierre Wong, chair of the Leaders of Tomorrow program, thanked the mayor for allowing the Knights of Columbus to use her name. "She is our model and there is only one mayor I know for Mississauga," Wong said.

Pierre Wong, Estelle Ah-Kiow, Mayor Hazel McCallion, Sunday, May 15, 2011
Pierre Wong, Estelle Ah-Kiow, Mayor Hazel McCallion,
Living Arts Centre, May 15, 2011
Photo credits: Claudio Cugliari

Tomorrow's leaders honoured today by Bill Tremblay, Mississauga News, May 16, 2011. The mayor told the award recipients that being a leader is not a right or a privilege, but an opportunity to serve. "It really is providing the opportunity to work with others, to inspire others, and lead by example," McCallion said. "It's good to have vision, but you also have to realize the other people you're working with have a vision, too." Estelle Ah-Kiow from Clarkson Secondary School won the People's Choice award for Grades 9-12.

FOX (Lupus of) NEWS: Mike Huckabee with Mayor Hazel McCallion -- and oh yeah, Jon Stewart. YouTube video, 2:03 min. Published on May 8, 2011 by MISSISSAUGAWATCH. "Special thanks for FOX NEWS 'Huckabee' and of course, Jon Stewart and 'The Daily Show'. Music: 'Don't Crash the Ambulance' by Mark Knopfler." Category: Comedy.

Secret to Political Success: 90 Year Old Mayor Hurricane Hazel McCallion, Republican Huckabee Show. YouTube video, 6:17 min. Uploaded on May 3, 2011. Mike Huckabee show courtesy, mayor of Mississauga, legendary Hurricane Hazel, Canada, interview, politics, municipal, government, economy, healthy active living, inspiration US.

Google image from http://torontolife.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/03/hazel-mcallion-2.jpg
Mayor Hazel McCallion with her dog, Missy
Photo by Naomi Harris, Mar. 2011

True grit: "Hurricane" Hazel McCallion's last hurrah after 33 years as the mayor of Mississauga by Katrina Onstad / Photographs by Naomi Harris, Toronto Life. Published April 5, 2011. "One Saturday morning, I watch her at the Clarkson Arena, where she opens the Minor PeeWee "A" Friendship tournament. On a red carpet at the edge of the rink, a woman from the hockey association introduces McCallion: 'She'll be 90 on February 14, she's been the mayor since 1978, and she has a popularity rating of 190 per cent!'"

Hazel McCallion 90, photo by Naomi Harris, Apr. 2011
Hazel McCallion, 90
Photo by Naomi Harris

Hazel McCallion: The Mother, The Woman, The Mayor. YouTube video: 6:07 min. Uploaded on Mar 24, 2011. Interview by Soha Dokainish for WUM Magazine.

Sheridan Names New Campus in Honour of Mayor McCallion. March 17, 2011. "Sheridan College will name its new Mississauga Campus in honour of Mayor Hazel McCallion. The news was announced at a 90th birthday celebration for the Mayor held on February 12 at the Mississauga Convention Centre. In making the announcement, Sheridan President and CEO, Jeff Zabudsky, noted the tremendous impact Mayor McCallion has had on the city and the college. "It's in large part thanks to her vision and determination that we will open a brand new campus in the heart of Mississauga's city centre this fall," he said. The Hazel McCallion Campus of Sheridan College will open its doors in September in the City Centre."

Mayor Hazel McCallion's 90th Birthday -- Lorna Dueck - 1/2. YouTube video, 8:29 min. Uploaded on Feb 24, 2011. Ron Mainse speaks with Lorna Dueck about Mayor Hazel McCallion's 90th Birthday as well as other stories she is focusing on as Executive Producer & Host of Listen Up TV. ; http://www.listenuptv.com ; Facebook: Lorna Dueck.

Mayor McCallion gets flash mobbed. Article by Katherine Luczynski on February 14, 2011. "On February 9, UTM students, faculty, and staff gathered in the lobby outside the RAWC to surprise the mayor of Mississauga, Hazel McCallion, with a birthday surprise. McCallion, who was born in Port Daniel, Qué bec in 1921, celebrates her 90th birthday on February 14."

Mayor Hazel McCallion with Dr. Jeff Zabudsky of Sheridan College, 90th birthday celebration Google image from https://www.sheridancollege.ca/news-and-events/news/sheridan-names-new-campus-in-honour-of-mayor-mccallion.aspx
Mayor Hazel McCallion, on her 90th birthday
with Dr. Jeff Zabudsky of Sheridan College
February 14, 2011
Photo credits: Sheridan College

Sheridan names new campus in honour of Mayor McCallion. News release 13 Feb 2011. "Sheridan College will name its new Mississauga Campus in honour of Mayor Hazel McCallion. The news was announced last night [13 Feb 2011] by Sheridan President and CEO, Jeff Zabudsky, at a 90th birthday celebration for McCallion held at the Mississauga Convention Centre."

"In making the announcement, Dr. Zabudsky noted the tremendous impact Mayor McCallion has had on the city, and the college. 'It's in large part thanks to her vision and determination that we will open a brand new campus in the heart of Mississauga's city centre this fall," he said. The Hazel McCallion Campus of Sheridan College will open its doors in September [2011]. Located at 4180 Duke of York Boulevard, the campus will offer postsecondary and postgraduate business programs, as well as programs and services for newcomers to Canada."

Hazel McCallion oversaw Mississauga's transformation from rural to urban by Katie Daubs, Staff Reporter, Toronto Star, February 12, 2011. "By the time she became mayor of the fledgling city of Mississauga in 1978 ... it would be McCallion who would steer their transformation into a metropolis ... After three decades at the helm, the greatest mark McCallion would leave on the city ... would be herself."

First Mayor Hazel McCallion photo from Toronto Star Google image from http://www.thestar.com/news/gta/2011/02/12/hazel_mccallion_oversaw_mississaugas_transformation_from_rural_to_urban.html
Sam McCallion with wife Hazel, 1978
Photo credits: Toronto Star

Hazel McCallion Through the Years from insauga.com. "Hazel McCallion, Mississauga's larger-than-life mayor for 36 years, was first elected Mayor in November 1978. She was acclaimed in 1980, re-elected in 1982 and 1985, acclaimed again in 1988 and re-elected in 1991, 1994, 1997, 2000, 2003, 2006 and 2010. Mayor McCallion retired from office in November 2014."

Birthday surprise for Mississauga Mayor Hazel McCallion at the University of Toronto Mississauga. YouTube video, 5:01 min. "On February 9, 2011, amidst a huge crowd, the U of T Mississauga Choir performed Baba Yetu as a surprise for Mississauga Mayor Hazel McCallion's 90th birthday. The song is from composer Christopher Tin's classical/world fusion album 'Calling All Dawns', which has been nominated for two Grammys. The lyrics are in Swahili, one of the official languages of Tanzania, where 'Hazel's Hope' - an initiative through World Vision Canada - helps children affected by HIV/AIDS."

Birthday surprise for Mississauga Mayor Hazel McCallion at the University of Toronto Mississauga. YouTube video, 5:01 min. Uploaded on Feb 11, 2011. On February 9, 2011, amidst a huge crowd, the U of T Mississauga Choir performed Baba Yetu as a surprise for Mississauga Mayor Hazel McCallion's 90th birthday. The song is from composer Christopher Tin's classical/world fusion album 'Calling All Dawns', which has been nominated for two Grammys. The lyrics are in Swahili, one of the official languages of Tanzania, where "Hazel's Hope"--an initiative through World Vision Canada--helps children affected by HIV/AIDS. (http://www.christophertin.com/) (www.utm.utoronto.ca) (/www.utmtv.ca/).

Mississauga Mayor Hazel McCallion on CNN. YouTube video, 3:57min. Uploaded on Jan 11, 2011. While in town for the June 26-27 2010 G20 summit, Toronto-raised CNN host Ali Velshi profiled Her Worship Hazel McCallion of neighbouring Mississauga, the longest-serving mayor in North America, and one of the longest worldwide. Mississauga until recently was one of the only debt-free cities in North America, due largely to the efforts of Hazel.

Mayor Hazel McCallion and Gwynn Matthews at the Grand Opening of The Beechwood, Retirement Living by revera. Photo by I Lee, 19 Oct 2010
Mayor Hazel McCallion with Gwynn Matthews at the Piano,
Beechwood Retirement Living Grand Opening
Photo by I Lee, 19 Oct. 2010

CLICK HERE to View Photos and Videos
Beechwood Retirement Living by revera
Grand Opening October 19, 2010
Attended by Mayor Hazel McCallion
Entertainment by Dan Clahane, Pianist

Mayor Hazel McCallion speaks at CARP Mississauga Semi-Annual General Meeting at Noel Ryan Auditorium, Mississauga Central Library. Photo by I Lee, 21 Sep 2010
Keynote Speaker Mayor Hazel McCallion
at CARP Mississauga Semi-Annual General Meeting
Noel Ryan Auditorium, Mississauga Central Library.
Photo by I Lee, 21 Sep 2010.

CLICK HERE to View Photos and Videos
CARP Mississauga Chapter
Semi-Annual General Meeting
Noel Ryan Auditorium
Mississauga Central Library
September 21 2010

Timeline: Life of a legend by Michael Posner, The Globe and Mail. Published Sep. 09, 2010. Last updated Aug. 23, 2012.
"Feb. 14, 1921: Hazel Journeaux is born in Port Daniel on the Gaspé coast of Quebec, the youngest of five children of a fishing-store owner and a homemaker. The family descends from Huguenots who fled religious persecution in France ...
Nov. 10, 1979: A CP train derails in Mississauga spilling toxic chemicals. Ms. McCallion wins kudos for her management of the orderly evacuation of 220,000 people - no loss of life or serious injuries ...
2005: Ms. McCallion ranks second in an international mayor poll, behind only Dora Bakoyannis of Athens ..."

Hazel McCallion: Hurricane Hazel will run for re-election one last time by Adrian Morrow, The Globe and Mail. Published Sep. 08, 2010. Last updated Aug. 23, 2012. "... At a raucous afternoon press conference that had the feel of a campaign rally, the octogenarian mayor's supporters packed the front room of the Kinsmen Hall in Streetsville, erupting in cheers as she strode in, greeted the media and announced that she would seek a 12th and final term on Oct. 25 ..."

Mississauga Mayor Hazel McCallion Speech Part I at Amacon Mississauga Rotary Ribfest 16 July 2010. YouTube video, 0:39 min.
Mississauga Mayor Hazel McCallion Speech Part II at Amacon Mississauga Rotary Ribfest 16 July 2010. YouTube video, 1:00 min.
Original videos by sq1oac, also republished by Rotary District 7080, Dec 9, 2010.

Hazel mccallion quotes - an album on Flickr. Quotes from Hazel McCallion, verifiable on either videotape or audio.

Another Feather for Her Cap. U of T awards Mississauga mayor Hazel McCallion an honorary degree, by Staff. Summer 2010.

Her Worship Hazel McCallion - Honorary Degree Ceremony. Includes photos. Order of Ceremony includes: "The Chancellor will confer the degree of Doctor of Laws (LL.D.), honoris causa, upon: HAZEL MCCALLION who will be hooded by Professor Ulli Krull, Vice-Principal, Research, University of Toronto Mississauga. Address: Dr. Hazel McCallion will address Convocation."

Dr. Hazel McCallion, Honorary Doctor of Law degree (LL.D.) from University of Toronto, June 7, 2010 Google image from http://www.president.utoronto.ca/secure-content/uploads/2012/01/DSC6042.jpg
The University of Toronto Honours
Mayor Hazel McCallion, June 7, 2010
Photo source: president.utoronto.ca

Mayor Hazel McCallion to receive honorary degree from University of Toronto. Posted on June 2, 2010. TORONTO, ON. - "The University of Toronto will honour Mayor Hazel McCallion, Mississauga's longest serving Mayor, on Monday, June 7, 2010 at 9:30 a.m. with an honorary doctor of laws (LL.D.) in recognition of her remarkable contributions to public life.

Hazel McCallion was first elected Mayor of Mississauga in November 1978, and has served as Mayor for more than 32 years. During that time, she has led the transformation of the erstwhile suburbs and small towns on the outskirts of Toronto into Mississauga, Canada's 6th largest city. Under the Mayor's guidance, Mississauga has been praised for its strong economy, thriving multiculturalism, and excellent recreational, cultural, and educational facilities. Her achievements have brought the Mayor and her city international acclaim and she is past chair the World Health Organization's Symposiums on Healthy Cities.

At the age of 89, Hazel McCallion continues to inspire and motivate. She is a tireless supporter of World Vision through her 'Hazel's Hope' charity for children affected by HIV/AIDS in Africa."

Her Worship: Hazel McCallion and the Development of Mississauga by Tom Urbaniak
Her Worship:
Hazel McCallion
and the Development of Mississauga
by Tom Urbaniak

Business Leaders Honoured at Gala. Best in the business. The Mississauga Board of Trade honoured outgoing Chair Ellen McGregor and Mayor Hazel McCallion at last night's gala at the Mississauga Convention Centre, April 15, 2010. Here [photo], Chair Syd Martin (left) and MBOT President CEO Sheldon Leiba made the presentations. "... the MBOT also presented a Lifetime Business Achievement Award to Mayor Hazel McCallion. 'The city is a corporation and the city has been debt-free year after year after year ... it's the envy of any CEO,' said McGregor, referring to the business example McCallion has set as mayor.

During the past year, McCallion has helped businesses survive the recession by rallying support and awareness from provincial and federal government, and by establishing a series of meetings to address the concerns of businesses in Mississauga.

During her acceptance speech, McCallion challenged businesses to hire at least two high school or university students to combat the rising unemployment rates among young adults. 'It's so important to put our young people to work and give them some hope for the future,' said McCallion."

McCallion lends voice to peace by Radhika Panjwani, Mississauga News, 16 Feb 2010. "Peace has to start with each individual, as well as the community before it spreads throughout the world," said McCallion. "I would be happy to join Mayors for Peace because this is what we pray for and hope for."

MBOT to honour McCallion by Louie Rosella, Mississauga News. "Mississauga Board of Trade (MBOT) will go green at its 2010 Chair's Gala, taking place April 15 at Mississauga Convention Centre ... The gala will also mark the second presentation of the board's Lifetime Business Achievement Award to Mayor Hazel McCallion."

hazel_vintage_is_no_vinordinaire.jpeg Google image from https://www.thestar.com/news/gta/2010/02/04/winery_honours_hazel_mccallion_with_private_labels.html

Photo source: Toronto Star

Winery honours Hazel McCallion with private labels by John Stewart, Mississauga News, Feb. 4, 2010. "Hazel McCallion, who has a rose, a university library and an elementary school named for her, will be immortalized on two new private-label wines being released later this month by Joseph's Estates Winery in Niagara-on-the-Lake.
On Feb. 18,[2010] McCallion will be at the winery for a 'meet and greet' to launch the wines, whose labels are illustrated with her bobblehead personas. One label features McCallion as a hockey player, the other as an angler.
There will be one red and one white, both blends, under the McCallion corks. The red will combine three VQA (Vintage Quality Alliance) grapes, while the white will feature two VQA wines.
The actual grapes in the blends will be a political secret, since the Joseph's winemaker has requested they be known only to McCallion."

Her Worship: Hazel McCallion and the Development of Mississauga by Tom Urbaniak. This is a preview of the book published by University of Toronto Press in 2009, with limited pages displayed here.

Olympic hockey gold medalist Cheryl Pounder with Mayor McCallion, MPP Bob Delaney and MP Peter Fonseca. Photo source: South Asian Generation Next, 23 Dec 2009
Cheryl Pounder with Mayor McCallion,
MPP Bob Delaney and MP Peter Fonseca
Photo source: sagennext.com, 23 Dec 2009

Witnessing History. Posted on 23 December 2009 by Saptarsi Saha, South Asian Generation Next (sagennext.com). "Cheryl Pounder ... has played on Canada's 1994, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2004 and 2005 World Championship Hockey teams and was voted the top defenceman at the 2002, 2004, 2007 and MVP at the 2005 Canadian Women's Hockey National Championship. Pounder's greatest career accomplishments are represented by her two Olympic Gold Medals in Salt Lake City and Torino. With tears in her eyes, Ms. Pounder told the crowd that carrying the torch 'is very, very emotional.' The Honourable Minister of Labour, Peter Fonseca, told the crowd that the highlight of the event was today's gathering where people had gathered to welcome the Olympics torch. Mayor McCallion is indeed 'Hurricane Hazel.' Her voice roared as always ... Among the other elected provincial and federal legislators, she was the most recognized and the most cheered one by the crowd."

Richard's Memorial Park2_ 27 Sep 2016 Photo by I Lee Richard's Memorial Park 27 Sep 2016 Photo by I Lee
Richard's Memorial Park
804 Lakeshore Rd W Mississauga ON
Photos by I Lee, 27 Sep 2016.

Peace stone unveiling emotional by Julie Slack, Mississauga News, 21 Sep 2009. "A new Peace Stone monument was unveiled Monday - International Peace Day - in Richard's Memorial Park.
In an emotional unveiling this morning, a Mississauga woman who worked tirelessly to have a peace stone erected in the city saw her dream come true.
For more than 10 years, Dorothea Sheasby, registrar of the Canadian chapter of the Registry of World Citizens, has been asking City Council for a sculpture to be erected that would give residents a place to ponder and meditate over world peace ...
Mayor Hazel McCallion and Sheasby unveiled the oval, sculpted marble stone, which is about five feet high, and reads 'Planet Earth is our Home, Humanity is our Family.' ...
McCallion called for peace to begin at the grassroots level. 'We can talk about peace in the world ... we can talk about peace in Ontario, but let's get down to peace in Mississauga,' she said. 'Peace amongst neighbours.'

Peace Stone on September 21, 2009 by the shores of Lake Ontario in Richard's Memorial Park, 804 Lakeshore Road West, Mississauga ON L5H 1E5 Canada - Google image frompeacestone.jpg http://www.traditionalcutstone.com/wp/wp-content/uploads/DSC03829.jpg
Peace Stone 21 Sep 2009
Peace Stone in Richard's Memorial Park, 804 Lakeshore Road West, Mississauga ON L5H 1E5 Canada - Photo by I Lee 27 Sep 2016
Peace Stone 27 Sep 2016

Peace Stone: Planet Earth Is Our Home, Humanity Is Our Family
Peace Stone:
Planet Earth is Our Home
Humanity is Our Family
Photo by I Lee 27 Sep 2016

Peace Stone Unveiled by Mayor Hazel McCallion on September 21, 2009 by the shores of Lake Ontario in Richard's Memorial Park, 804 Lakeshore Road West, Mississauga ON L5H 1E5 Canada Google image from http://www.traditionalcutstone.com/wp/wp-content/uploads/DSC03821.jpg
Peace Stone Unveiled
by Mayor Hazel McCallion
Richard's Memorial Park
21 Sep 2009
Photo credits: Traditional Cut Stone Ltd.
Peace Stone Unveiled by Mayor Hazel McCallion on September 21, 2009 by the shores of Lake Ontario in Richard's Memorial Park, 804 Lakeshore Road West, Mississauga ON L5H 1E5 Canada Photo by I Lee 27 Sep 2016
Peace Stone Unveiled
by Mayor Hazel McCallion
Richard's Memorial Park
21 Sep 2009
Photo by I Lee, 27 Sep 2016.

Mayor Hazel McCallion with Traditional Cut Stone stonecutters 21 Sep 2009 Google image from http://www.traditionalcutstone.com/wp/wp-content/uploads/DSC03822.jpg
Mayor Hazel McCallion with Stone Cutters
21 September 2009
Photo credits: Traditional Cut Stone Ltd.

Hazel McCallion. YouTube video, 6:06 min. Equal Voice - Experiences. Uploaded on Aug 12, 2009.

Mayor Hazel McCallion and Mississauga South MPP Charles Sousa at the Grand Re-opening of Mohawk Park Tennis Club, 12 July 2009 image from Alex Gregory 14 Apr 2017
Mayor Hazel McCallion and Mississauga South MPP Charles Sousa
at the Grand Re-opening of Mohawk Park Tennis Club, Sunday, 12 July 2009
Photo credits: Alex Gregory

For more information about Mohawk Park Tennis Club July 12, 2009 Reopening event, see: Tennis club back in the swing - Tennis anyone? Staff photo (of Hazel playing tennis) by Daniel Ho, published in Mississauga News, Jul 13, 2009. "Mayor Hazel McCallion plays a round of tennis during the grand opening of the Mohawk Park Tennis Club's refurbished court yesterday. The Ontario Trillium Foundation contributed $119,700 to the cause with the City picking up the tab for the fence and the new walkway leading to the court."

The courts are located at 2409 Delkus Cres., south of The Queensway E. and west of Cawthra Rd. in Mississauga. The new court is expected to last 20 years.

Mohawk Park Tennis Club also provides instructional programs for people wanting to improve their game and promote a healthier lifestyle through active living, a goal shared by many of the speakers in attendance at Sunday's opening.

"This is what it's all about - health, wellness and being able to stay active," said Mississauga South MPP Charles Sousa. City officials were impressed with the plan submitted by the club's fundraising committee, and their drive to accomplish their goal, said Mayor Hazel McCallion. Residents need to take charge and support initiatives and community projects as well, she continued. "The community has a major role to play," said McCallion. "You've shown us ... that you have the drive to make this happen."

Doctor of Hearts Mayor Hazel McCallion with Stethoscope for Trillium Health Centre Foundation I Heart Hazel Campaign Google image from http://www.trilliumhealthcentrefoundation.org/page.aspx?pid=396
Trillium Health Centre Foundation and I Heart Hazel Google image from http://www.trilliumhealthcentrefoundation.org/view.image?Id=732
Mayor Hazel McCallion, "Doctor of Hearts"
Photo source: Trillium Health Centre Foundation

15 Million Ways to Say "I Heart Hazel". News Release, Mississauga ON, 26 Jun 2009. "Million dollar bequest helps Trillium Health Centre Foundation successfully complete campaign in support of the Hazel McCallion Centre for Heart Health. Trillium Health Centre Foundation today announced that thanks to a community effort, led by ten Cardiac Champions, its campaign to raise $15 million to support local cardiac care has met its goal.
A surprise million dollar bequest from a long-time supporter of the Health Centre capped off the effort that began 15 months ago by community leader and philanthropist Fred Ketchen who pledged the first million. The "I Heart Hazel" campaign challenged the community to demonstrate their love, appreciation and respect for Mayor McCallion by making a donation in her honour to the Hazel McCallion Centre for Heart Health at Trillium.
'We are so appreciative of the many donations, large and small, that helped us pay tribute to Mayor McCallion - someone who has been at the heart of the community for decades,' says Kim Warburton, chair, Trillium Health Centre Foundation. 'The funds raised from our community also ensure that we can continue to provide advanced cardiac care that will save more lives and keep more hearts healthy.'

A Heartfelt Thanks from Mayor Hazel McCallion:
"Generosity and community spirit have always been hallmarks of our community.
How proud I am to see our citizens once again donate with open hearts to create a lasting legacy to serve the people of Mississauga, west Toronto and surrounding communities - the Hazel McCallion Centre for Heart Health at Trillium Health Centre!
Despite the challenging economic times the community, led by a group of home-grown and home-proud Cardiac Champions, helped us to realize our goal of raising $15 million to advance cardiac diagnostics, treatment, surgery and rehabilitation right here at home.
Thanks to you, more lives will be saved and more hearts will be healthy ...
As an honorary 'Doctor of Hearts', I thank you from the bottom of mine for helping us to succeed. ~ Mayor Hazel McCallion."

RMR: Welcome to Mississauga. Out and about in the City of Mississauga with Mayor Hazel McCallion. YouTube video, 6:31 min. Uploaded on Feb 26, 2009 by Rick Mercer Report. Rick Mercer asks the 88 year old mayor, "You have outlasted 8 prime ministers ... Why haven't you retired? ... Hazel, what's your approval rating? Answer: 92% of the vote."

TheStar.com talks to Mississauga mayor Hazel McCallion. YouTube video: 3:30 min. Uploaded on Dec 31, 2008. In a year-end interview, Mississauga mayor Hazel McCallion talks candidly about her successes, her failures and her plans for the future. Check thestar.com for more news and information.

Mayor Hazel "The Hurricane" McCallion. YouTube video, 0:48 min. Uploaded on Nov 28, 2008 by Digital Dream Photo, Video, DJ & Photo Booth. Mayor Hazel McCallion support Women's Boxing and CESBA - She's in our corner. Watch Hazel box with red gloves, for fun.

Car Free Day 2008
Phil Green, Mayor Hazel McCallion, Councillor Pat Mullin
Photo credits: mississauga.ca/ecity

Mayor McCallion Bikes to Work. YouTube video, 2:08 min. Uploaded on Sep 30, 2008. 87 year old Mississauga Mayor Hazel McCallion set an example for all citizens by biking to work on International Car Free Day, September 2008. A 7km bike ride from Streetsville to City Hall.

Car dealership owner Laurie Williamson, Mayor Hazel McCallion and Ron Lenyk, Publisher of The Mississauuga News, show off some of the items that will be up for auction at the golf tournament. Photo credits: Mississauga News
Laurie Williamson, Mayor Hazel McCallion, Ron Lenyk
Promoting Hazel McCallion Charity Golf Tournament
September 2007
Photo credits: Mississauga News

Dinner tickets available for McCallion golf event. "Most people are familiar with all the good work accomplished thanks to money raised at the Hazel McCallion Charity Golf Tournament since its inception 25 years ago ... This year's tournament tees off tomorrow [September 13, 2007] at Lionhead Golf and Country Club and there are a slew of great items up for auction. Last year's event raised in excess of $90,000. The Mississauga News' publisher Ron Lenyk will act as the official auctioneer and help bring in the bids on the items generously donated by the community."

Information from Hockey Canada Honours Hazel by John Stewart, May 28, 2007.

"After 80 years playing and supporting the game she loves, Mayor Hazel McCallion has been honoured for her contributions by Hockey Canada. The 86-year-old mayor accepted the Female Hockey Breakthrough Award in Winnipeg recently.

"The game of hockey has come a long way since I first started playing," McCallion said after accepting the award. "Hockey Canada has done a great service in leading both men and women's hockey, and creating a positive environment for everyone to get involved."

As a young woman, McCallion played regularly in female hockey leagues in Montreal. She was instrumental in having the Hershey Centre built in Mississauga and attracting an Ontario Hockey League franchise. McCallion has also been a long-time champion of women's hockey. She has maintained a quarter-century association with the Ontario Women's Hockey League and was the honourary chair of the Women's World Hockey Tournaments in 1987, 1997 and 2000. Some world championship games were played in Mississauga.

Hockey Canada's Female Hockey Council recognizes an individual each year for their outstanding leadership, contribution, development and advancement of female hockey in Canada. Nominated by the branch office in Calgary, McCallion was recognized for her, 'invaluable contribution to Canada's national winter game.'"

This article is for personal use only courtesy of YourOttawaRegion.com - a division of Metroland Media Group Ltd.

799px-HazelMcCallion-w.jpg Google image from http://roses.shoutwiki.com/wiki/Datei:HazelMcCallion-w.jpg

Photo credits: George Mander

A rose by any other name would be - Hazel by James Rusk, The Globe and Mail, Nov 8, 2007, Updated Apr 26, 2018. "Mississauga council decided unanimously that the Hazel McCallion rose - a pink mini-floribunda with shades of soft white on the petals and a mild fragrance - will be the city's official flower.
The honour was the outcome of a decision by the Mississauga Board of Trade not to follow the usual route of commissioning a painting or a statue, but to honour Ms. McCallion ... with something that would be a 'really living and lasting tribute,' board president Sheryl McKean said in an interview.
She said that, after a search, the board discovered that Hortico Nurseries in Waterdown had some new, unnamed roses that were about to go into commercial production.
The board picked one that it felt would be an appropriate reminder of the mayor - pink is her favourite colour and the 24-inch-high plant 'is very sturdy, very strong' - and shelled out more than $10,000 for the international naming rights.
Only about 200 Hazel McCallion roses will be available next year, but it will be widely available in 2009, Ms. McKean said.
It will be sold for $19.95 and the Board of Trade will get a percentage of the proceeds, which it plans to donate to Hazel's Hope, an international charity named after the mayor that supports a home in Tanzania for children with HIV-AIDS, Ms. McKean added.

Riverwood Park opened by Mayor Hazel McCallion 14 Oct. 2006 Photo by I Lee 26 Aug 2015
Riverwood Park was officially opened
by Mayor Hazel McCallion, C.M.
on October 14, 2006
Photo by I Lee, 26 Aug 2015

Hazel McCallion. YouTube video, 4:04 min. Uploaded on Sep 12, 2006 by Peter Wall. A profile of Hazel McCallion.

Ontario Court of Justice Provincial Offences Office officially opened Dec. 6, 2015 by Mayor Hazel McCallion Photo by I Lee 7 Feb. 2017
Ontario Court of Justice
Provincial Offences Office officially opened
by Mayor Hazel McCallion
on December 6, 2005
Photo by I Lee, 7 Feb 2017

BraeBen Golf Course is located at 5700 Terry Fox Way, Mississauga ON L5V 2W2 Canada

Info from GolfNow.com: "The public, par 72 Championship Course features 18 challenging holes and totals 6,415 yards from the back tees. Set amongst dramatic landforms, the wind swept course features tall grasses, pristine fairways, greens and tees, with challenging pot bunkers - all reminiscent of golf's early beginnings.

Borrowing from this heritage, the name of the course - 'BraeBen' - is Gaelic for 'slope' and 'mountain or hill'. The elevated playing surface ensures that wind will be a factor most days - just like the challenging conditions found in the highlands of Scotland."

Hazel McCallion's Annual Charity Golf Tournament. In September 2014, Mayor Hazel McCallion thanks "Jim Holmes and his staff at Derrydale Golf Club; Credit Valley Golf and Country Club; Iggy Kaneff and Lionhead Golf and Country Club; and the staff of the City-owned BraeBen Golf and Country Club - all courses at which the tournament has been hosted throughout the years." Note: Old website at hazelscharitygolf.com no longer exists, 11Aug16.

BraeBen Golf Course opened by Mayor Hazel McCallion 9 July 2005 Photo by I Lee 29 Sep 2015
BraeBen Golf Course
was officially opened
by Mayor Hazel McCallion, C.M.
on July 9, 2005
Photo by I Lee, 29 Sep 2015

The Governor General of Canada: His Excellency the Right Honourable David Johnston. Order of Canada Citation for Hazel McCallion, C.M. Mississauga, Ontario [Canada]. Member of the Order of Canada. Awarded on June 29, 2005; Invested on November 18, 2005.

"Hazel McCallion's commitment and dedication to the people of Mississauga have made her one of Canada's best known and longest serving mayors. She has taken on leadership roles within many municipal government organizations, such as the Greater Toronto Area Mayors' Committee. Resolute in her commitment to improving the quality of life of her fellow citizens, she has also served as chair of the World Health Organization symposia on healthy cities. In addition, her annual charity golf tournament has helped to raise funds for a myriad of local, provincial and national organizations."

Hazel at Maanjidowin Feast, 2005
Hazel McCallion at Maanjidowin Feast, 2005
Image source: Heritage Mississauga

Information from World Mayor: Profile of Hazel McCallion, Mayor of Mississauga, Canada by Andrew Stevens, Political Editor, World Mayor, The 2005 Project.

Information from World Mayor: Hazel McCallion interviewed by an international audience.

"From Susan B., Mississauga
Question: What do you regard as your greatest achievement?

Mayor McCallion replies: I have been blessed to have many achievements throughout my career but probably the one I am most proud of is having my vision of what the City would become made a reality. I had an image that Mississauga would grow from a small bedroom community into one of the most vibrant cities in our country and seeing Mississauga become the third largest city in Ontario and the sixth largest in Canada has surpassed my expectations ..."

Hazel McCallion, Mayor of Mississauga, Canada. Profile of Mayor Hazel McCallion by Andrew Stevens, Political Editor, 2005 Project. "Though a separate municipal concern, the Canadian city of Mississauga has long had to exist within the shadow of its larger neighbour Toronto and has since been absorbed into its metropolitan sprawl. It is content to regard itself as part of the Greater Toronto Area however, one of the fastest-growing regions of North America with five million inhabitants, of which 700,000 reside in Mississauga itself.

Where the city is able to assert itself in regional politics is through its mayor, 'Hurricane' Hazel McCallion, who has won every mayoral election contested since 1978. Even at 84 years old she shows little sign of withdrawing from Canadian politics, gaining re-election in 2003 and receiving the Order of Canada in 2005 as well as being runner-up in World Mayor 2005. She is the longest serving mayor in Canada and has kept the city debt-free since her first term of office."

Ontario Court of Justice Provincial Offences Office Opened by Mayor Hazel McCallion on November 24, 2004 - Photo by I Lee, 21 June 2019
Ontario Court of Justice Provincial Offences Office
Opened on November 24, 2004
by Mayor Hazel McCallion
Photo by I Lee, 21 June 2019

Burnhamthorpe Community Centre was officially re-opened October 2, 2004 by Mayor Hazel McCallion - Photo by I Lee, 20 Oct 2017
Burnhamthorpe Community Centre
was officially re-opened October 2, 2004
by Mayor Hazel McCallion
Photo by I Lee, 20 Oct 2017

Mississauga Mayor McCallion: We run our city like a business by Tann vom Hove, Editor, citymayors.com, 1 February 2004. "... Hazel McCallion is a committed follower of a pay-as-you-go philosophy and, in 1991, she became the first mayor of a major Canadian city to submit an annual operating budget to its residents for their input and scrutiny. Internationally, the Mayor received Germany's Cross of the Order of Merit for her role in bringing German companies to Canada ..."

Hazel McCallion, Mayor of Mississauga. Article from citymayaors.com, 16 November 2003. "On 11 November 2003, Hazel McCallion started her 10th term as Mayor of Mississauga, Ontario ... Mayor McCallion has played a leading role for women in politics. She is the first woman to hold such significant positions as President of the Streetsville and District Chamber of Commerce; President of the Anglican Young Peoples' Association of Canada; Mayor of Streetsville and Mayor of Mississauga. She was chosen one of the 'American Women of the Year' in Who's Who of American Women (which refers to North American women) ..."

Erin Meadows 2001 Hazel McCallion, Photo by I Lee
Erin Meadows Community Centre & Library
Photo by I Lee

Mayor Hazel McCallion on skates Google image from http://media.mmgcommunity.topscms.com/images/b3/cd/02133fdb4942ab215b809b6a725b.jpeg
Hazel McCallion and Ice Dogs
Photo source: Topscms.com

Information from Hockey Hall of Fame:

"Mississauga Mayor Hazel McCallion began playing hockey in the late 1920s in Port Daniel on the Gaspe coast of Quebec. With her two older sisters playing defense, Hazel took her spot as a lightning quick centre on a team in a ladies' league. After moving to Montreal, McCallion turned 'professional', earning $5 a game to play for Kik Cola, one of three teams in a ladies' league there. Since first being elected as mayor of Mississauga, Ontario in 1978, Hazel McCallion has been able to spread her influence into other hockey-related areas, including sitting on the board of the Ontario Women's Hockey League, obtaining ice time for girls' hockey and helping Mississauga build the Hershey Centre. In 1998, Hazel McCallion assisted a group headed by hockey personality Don Cherry in securing a franchise for the Mississauga IceDogs in the Ontario Hockey League."

Marilyn Monroe Buildings photo by I Lee, 16 Oct 2016
"Marilyn Monroe" Tower
Absolute World
designed by Yansong Ma
Photo by I Lee 16 October 2016
      Marilyn Monroe Tower photo by I Lee, 4 March 2017
"Marilyn Monroe" Tower
Absolute World
designed by Yansong Ma
Photo by I Lee 4 March 2017

Absolute World from Wikipedia. "On November 28, 1994, during the 12th annual Mississauga Urban Design Awards ceremony, Mississauga Mayor Hazel McCallion announced that an international design competition was going to be held for the building of the fourth tower for Absolute World that would be the landmark tower for the development located at the northeast corner of Burnhamthorpe Road and Hurontario Street ...

Each of the finalists were given an honorarium to defray the costs of preparing the final submission design for a tower that would be taller than 50 stories and the tallest building in Mississauga when completed. The public was invited to vote for the favourite designs which were on display at the Square One Shopping Centre as well as online, along with the judging panel. The voting was to stop on March 22, 2007 with the winning design announced from CN Tower on March 28, 2007 at 10:30 AM ...

Yansong Ma, founder of the MAD office, Beijing/China architectural design firm was announced as the winner. Sales were to start in May 2007 with construction beginning later that year, and anticipated completion in 2009. Within days of the announcement, the taller building had been nicknamed the "Marilyn Monroe" tower due to its curvaceous, hourglass figure likened to actress Marilyn Monroe. Burka Varacalli Architects, a Toronto firm, was hired as MAD's local partner in April 2007.

On June 14, 2012, the Chicago-based Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat (CTBUH), a non-profit group of architects and engineers, reported that the towers were among the world's best new skyscrapers."

Condo on sale for $3.2 million by Joseph Chin, Mississauga News, Dec 19, 2011. "56th floor penthouse suite [3,401 sq.ft.] ... on sale for $3.2 million. It's a record listing price for a condo in Mississauga ... It sits at the very top of Mississauga's already iconic tower, boasts 180-degree views of the lake and the city's skyline, comes with four parking spots and priority use of the elevator ... the owner of the penthouse suite at 60 Absolute Dr., better known as the Marilyn Monroe building for its curvy shape, is putting the unit up for sale. 'It will be the most expensive condo ever sold in this city,' said Mississauga ReMax agent Sam McDadi, who's handling the transaction for the anonymous Argentinean owner."

Mayor Hazel McCallion with Attorney-General Roy McMurtry, 1979 Google image adapted from http://static.torontopubliclibrary.ca/da/images/LC/tspa_0001039f.jpg
Attorney-General Roy McMurtry and Mississauga Mayor Hazel McCallion on crutches
Photo source: Toronto Star Photo Archive #tspa_0001039f

image from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OufLwFDJWx4

Source: Peel Art Gallery, Museum + Archives (PAMA)

Hazel McCallion's acceptance speech, 1978 Mississauga election. YouTube video, 6:02 min. Published on Mar 6, 2020 by Peel Art Gallery, Museum + Archives (PAMA). "Rewind 42 years, to when Hazel McCallion was elected Mayor of Mississauga, defeating incumbent Ron Searle. During the previous term of Council, McCallion had served as a Councillor and the Planning Committee Chairman. Hazel would continue to serve in the role until her retirement in 2014."

Mayor Hazel McCallion Mississauga Heritage Series - Original Hazel McCallion campaign flyer, circa 1978 MississaugaWatch Report from Canadiana Room, Central Library, January 9, 2014 Google image from on skates Google image from http://themaneintent.ca/wp-content/uploads/2015/01/Hazel-McCallion-Horses.jpg
Hazel McCallion with Others and Horses
Possibly from Original Campaign Flyer circa 1978
Source: Mississauga Heritage Series via MississaugaWatch

Hazel McCallion original campaign flyer 1978: From Councillor to Mayor of Mississauga. YouTube video, 3:52 min. Published on Jan 14, 2014 by Mississauga Watch. "... see the 1978 campaign flyer that Hazel McCallion and her backers used to propel her from Ward 9 Councillor to Mayor of the Town of Mississauga."

A section of the final County of Peel Council, in 1973. Included are J. E. Archdekin, the Mayor of Brampton, J. I. Mullin, the Reeve of Albion, Hazel McCallion, Streetsville Mayor, and J. C. Saddington, Port Credit Mayor Google image from https://www.insauga.com/hazel-mccallions-photos-through-the-years
County of Peel Council 1973:
J. E. Archdekin (Brampton Mayor),
J. I. Mullin (Reeve of Albion),
Hazel McCallion (Streetsville Mayor),
and J. C. Saddington (Port Credit Mayor)
Photo source: PAMA via insauga.com

Want to know what Canada was like the year Hazel McCallion was born? New census info reveals all by Stephanie MacLennan/Torstar Network, Mississauga News, October 30, 2013. "Hazel McCallion, seen here in 1950, was born in 1921, the year of the census. The information is now available after a 92-year waiting period."

Hazel McCallion in 1950. Google image from http://media.zuza.com/5/6/569cfadf-1e6f-4786-a5e6-cb4a291ac018/Hazel_1950___Content.jpg
Hazel McCallion, 1950, around age 29.
Photo credits: media.zuza.com.

Hazel McCallion as a young girl Google image from W5, CTV, aired on 24 Oct 2014 http://www.ctvnews.ca/w5/from-farmland-to-metropolis-how-hurricane-hazel-made-her-mark-as-mississauga-mayor-1.2069907
Hazel McCallion (Young Girl)
Photo source: W5, CTV aired on 24 Oct. 2014.
Photo taken circa 1928, 1929 or 1930? at age 6, 7, or 8, or older?

Hazel McCallion as a young child image from Mansbridge One on One Interview with Mayor Hazel McCallion, 5 Oct 2014 CBC video http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/toronto/mississauga-mayor-hazel-mccallion-cheered-at-gala-1.2780188
Hazel McCallion (Young Child)
Photo source: Mansbridge One on One, CBC Video, 5 Oct 2014
Photo taken circa 1924 or 1925? at age 3 or 4?

The Real Hurricane Hazel of October 1954

Hurricane Hazel from Wikipedia. "Hurricane Hazel was the deadliest and costliest hurricane of the 1954 Atlantic hurricane season."

Effects of Hurricane Hazel in Canada from Wikipedia. "As a whole, Hazel was very unpredictable which made it even more dangerous, as it defied meteorologists' predictions on multiple occasions ... On October 14, just before reaching the Carolinas, hurricane hunter planes found the hurricane's winds to have accelerated to 240 kilometres per hour (150 mph), making it a Category 4 storm, and it was moving at a high forward speed of 48 kilometres per hour (30 mph)."

Part 1: 1954's Hurricane Hazel. YouTube video, 2:31 min. Published on May 13, 2015 by ActionNewsWBNGTV. This is the history of Hurricane Hazel in 1954.

A look back at 1954 Hurricane Hazel . YouTube video, 2:18 min. Published on Oct 20, 2014 by Lauren Rautenkranz. WECT News, October 15th 2014.

Hurricane Hazel (1954) at Harkers Island, NC. YouTube video, 2:22 min. Published on May 21, 2014 by Joel Hancock Sr. Home video taken by Vernon Guthrie of Harkers Island, NC showing the impact of Hurricane Hazel at Harkers Island NC in October 1954.

A History of Toronto #24: Lessons from Hurricane Hazel. YouTube video, 2:40. Published on Nov 7, 2012 by Anne Martin. "In October 1954 disaster struck the Humber Valley in Toronto when Hurricane Hazel came inland 960 km from the Carolina coast. Archival film footage and old photos reveal the tragedy unfolding as 10 metres of water came down the valley trapping people in their homes and cars and sweeping them down river ..."

Weather History: Hurricane Hazel 1954. YouTube video, 1:15 min. Published on Oct 24, 2012 by HappyMario64. "In October of 1954, Hurricane Hazel contradicted all forecasts and projected trajectories resulting in over a twelve hundred fatalities, mostly in Haiti."

"Hazel". YouTube video, 21:31 min. Published on Jul 17, 2012 by Jay Jennings. "The WRALDoc team looks back at Hurricane Hazel. This 1954 storm is still the standard by which all hurricanes are measured in North Carolina. Charlie Gaddy hosts. This program originally aired in October of 2004 on WRAL-TV in Raleigh, NC."

Hurricane Hazel - 15 October 1954. YouTube video, 2:59 min. Uploaded on Nov 30, 2009 by aartattack.

October 1954 Galt Hurricane Hazel. YouTube video, 4:00 min. Uploaded on Nov 11, 2008 by Paul Langan. "Lots of action here, cars flying around the corner through water ... Enjoy this piece of history."