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Seasonal Calories as Fuel for Discussion

By Dr. Peter W. Kujtan, B.Sc., M.D., Ph.D.

Article printed on page 25 in the November 30, 2011 issue of
The Mississauga News under the feature: Health & Beauty, Medicine Matters
Portrait of Dr. Peter W. Kujtan, supplied 2005
Dr. Peter W. Kujtan

As you start to celebrate the Christmas Season with communal gatherings involving food, I hope to provide some fuel for discussion around the warm fires. Our little part of the planet is brimming with plentiful food choices year round and on demand. A somewhat tricky situation for Homo sapiens who evolved on cycles of hunger and hoarding.

One way to try to reduce the influx of seasonal calories is to have a consciousness of the extras. It is the little barely noticeable gestures that add up. You might be drawn to ordering a healthy sandwich at a quick stop. Not a bad choice, but rewarding yourself with a side of pop, chips or cookie renders the exercise futile, and doubles the calories.

Another example involves recreational hockey or soccer players, both activities I promote and encourage. The average male engaging in these sports will burn about 500 calories and use about 2 liters of water during a one hour session. The ritual beer (or more) will replenish about 150 of those calories. If you head to your local social establishment afterwards, your food choices may negate the effort you just finished.

A six ounce glass of wine is about 150 calories while a rum and coke is about 200 calories. Every chicken wing with sauce adds another 100 calories. But the carrot sticks and celery are oh so healthy? Absolutely, a meager 5-10 calories a piece, unless you dip them into that creamy sauce, and the count jumps to 80 calories. The trick I use is to try to limit my after sport intake to match it to the energy I expended. Otherwise, adding an extra 1000 calories to the outing will translate into about a five pound weight gain during the season.

Clinical studies have shown that you eat less when you use a small plate. Food even tastes better when presented to our senses in a pleasant fashion. Eating off a napkin or from the serving box is a huge mistake. If serving plates are left on the table, men who eat faster will generally eat about 30 percent more and women about 10 percent more. Avoid taking the serving bag of snacks to the TV couch. Repack them into smaller portions and you will at least stand a fair chance. Ordering the large popcorn at the movies may seem economical, but share and withdraw portions into smaller sizes to avoid the calorie excess.

It is not practical to memorize the calorie content of all foods while dining out. Keep a simple score for yourself. Cooked or baked items the size of your thumb are one point, cream and sauces the size of your thumb are one point, raw veggies are zero. Re-load only onto that small plate, and avoid cruise-by grabs. Keep your score to fewer than 10 for the night. Keep track of alcohol derived calories, one point a drink. For every 3600 calories of extra energy you slowly sneak into your body, it will reward you with storing it away as a pound of body fat.

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